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Cha/Int Sac Weapon

By Poondawg January 27, 2013, 09:00:22
Hey everyone, I just recently came back from a long break. I play a level 161 cha/int sac on the server Rosal. I plan to become omni as soon as possible. Currently I wear tot set wreckring and a water maged metal hammer (check character page) so I've got over 400 chance and almost 400 int, with about 160ish agi. I was hoping someone could point me in the direction of some weapons either for my level or in the near future, and also some gear suggestions for my next set. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated ^^

Thanks in advanced,

P.S. I use another account along side my sacrier(125 osa, soon to be in soft oak set), what are some ways I can make some decent money now adays? xP

P.P.S I'd like to start duoing Dregg dungeon.
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You should look at a Minotot Sceptre, it gives you a complete set anyway, and its a nice weapon.
As for money making, do dopples on both accounts and try winning a kolossium match daily, I suppose. Other than that professions/drop materials, that sort of thing.

- Spirit
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Thank you, I appreciate your input ^^. I think I'll check out tot scepter. Any suggestions as far as a next set goes?
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Gladiator Bwork/Customs will probably be your next set, perhaps looking at Celestial Bearbarian too, or the Antyklime Ax set pieces if you don't mind the -CH damage.

- Spirit
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Ahhh and maybe you could look into a bow? Snailment is nice biggrin 
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