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Starting sacrier need some help

By Babeskillers April 14, 2013, 11:47:58


i'm new kinda new to the game dofus. i got a lvl 49 int cra but thats not what i'm looking for in the game, so afther much reading i started my Sacrier.

Now is the big problem.
wtf do i need to with it haha.

my goal with this sacrier (for now) is playing with a friend who has a cra aswell so most of the time duo

do i start with wisdom for fast lvling and afther that change back to ??
put all my points into vit? for much health ?
all in strenght ? for the dmg ?
Chance for the loot( i dont know how that is working) but sounds great to me

as you can see, i really have no clue haha!

I hope you guys forgive me for my newbie questions and can help me with my problems !

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Well to star all points for every sac go into vit and I mean ALL. Then you want to pick the build you want to go with as well. After you do that you level the appropriate punishment and the corresponding attack that goes with it. Sacs gain stats through their punishments so there is no need to waste skill points in any other stat besides vit.

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To reiterate the point of the previous poster - EVERYTHING into your vitality. This is what pretty much every single sacrier will do.

You raise other stats through gear depending on your build. So if you want a strength sac then you choose strength gear which at low levels might be something like a green scara set. If you want to level quickly then you can use a wisdom set. I feel sacs have the benefit that they can still be useful in wis gear due to gaining stats from buffs when you are solo/small team levelling in it. But whatever you choose all your points go into your vitality.

Enjoy your sacrier.


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Remember that you can still scroll your stats later on also tongue

That way you can give a 101 boost to whatever characteristic you choose wink

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Yeah, trust me, all of your points need to go into vitality. As a Sacrier, you will specialize in close combat, meaning you're going to need to be able to take a lot of damage so you need a massive vitality boost. This is good to because it's a 1:2 ratio for vitality, meaning for every point put in you'll get two vitality out of it.

Scroll your other stats, or start with an Adventurer set set because that usually provides you with good stats.

As another tip, avoiding fighting creatures that have long range attacks or a lot of mp, like tofu's because you need to be able to get close to them to beat them. It can be tough fighting monsters that specialize in AP loss, like prespics because your main attack will be Sacrier's Foot, and that takes up 3 AP as it is. Fighting a group of prespics alone isn't a good idea, believe me!

Do this and you'll have a pretty strong character. Max Sacrier's Foot and always use Forced Punishment at the beginning of a battle (if you're interested in the Strength build), it will give you a massive advantage.

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