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lvl 80 cha sac set

By trapper - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - January 06, 2014, 10:51:07

Hey all, i have recently hit 79, and i suddenly realised i am still in scaraleaf/blobset, so i wanted to look for new sets. I looked up on forums and they mostly recommended indigo mixed with crocodyl set, but the crocodyl set gives (i think) little cha, are there any better sets out there?

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To be honest royal blop/croc would probably be your best bet for that level, but if you have 8 ap and decent cha you really dont have to get an upgrade at all if you dont want to spend the money (assuming you have decent vita anyway). If you wanted to you could easily skip it and go straight into anc set at 114 if you have the vita to tank monsters in a sacara set (might require vita gelano+emerald ging dt). If you would rather upgrade to have an easier time full royal blop with croc filling in the blanks (except have a gelano) will leave you with (supposing thats are perfect and not overmaged/less) about 240 chance (unscrolled) 8 ap and 4 mp. if you got a water bawl you would break 300 unbuffed which is not bad for a sac at lvl 80. Id personally get an emerald/ging or a plum/eme for more tanking and the mp vs the bawk but it is your choice in the end.

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Hi there, I know this reply is pretty late, but I had the same problem as you at level 80 on my chance Sacrier.

The set which I used at level 80 was quite expensive, but I'm sure you could get a cheaper version with similar output.

It's main stats came from a royal indigo blop set which was slightly overmaged in chance - good chance, decent vit, 1 ap, 1mp.
Then there was a King Jellix's Crown - Loads of vit (250-300), a little initiative, crits if you need them.
I chose to use a salt 'n' battery cape which was exomaged in chance, these are quite expensive, so you don't have to get it exomaged.
Finally I used an axel for ap vit wis and chance. (Great!)
Oh and use a gelano if you want for +1ap

If you can, get an eme/ginger mount for +1mp +300 vit.

That should bring you to around 250-300 chance
+700 vit

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