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Low level (60-100) str+agi+chance sac pvp/pvm gear?

By HCMongoose - SUBSCRIBER - April 21, 2014, 06:33:38

Before I start, I know this isn't very good. I'd like to do it anyway, as well as I can.

Current level: 61. Kolo at: Level 81

Currently my set is the following (not maged unless I mention that it is). I'm by no means a rich kolo alt, I am just using excess money for the equips so they are nothing fancy. However, I'm okay with spending a lot on equips as long as they aren't extremely expensive, e.g. AP/MP Gelano.

The following equips are generally high rolls, but unmaged.

Ivory and Ginger Dragoturkey (level 5: 10 vit, 2% power)
Kam Assutra Amulet
Tot's Belt
Boowolf Boots
Cap Rayer (Class Set)
Gobball Hammer (Have not bought a weapon yet)
White Scararing (71 Vitality, 1% Power, 51 Initiative, 2% Air Resistance)
Mad Boowolf's Cloak

Cawwot Dofus
Kaliptus Dofus (+18PP)

Total stats: Vitality 600 (+193), Wisdom 0 (+60), Strength 0 (+0), Intelligence 0 (-23), Chance 0 (+0), Agility 0 (+2) - Initiative 2 (+51), AP 6 (+2), MP 3 (+1)
Range: 0
Damage: 0
Power: +16%

Spells: (numbers in parenthesis are damage. Numbers in brackets are damage after using powerful shooting.)

At 5
-Sacrier's Foot
-Forced Punishment
-Nimble Punishment

At 4
-Vital Punishment

At 3
-Bold Punishment

Any tips on better gear? Thanks. 

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