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Full Vit Sacrier (Revamp end gamers)

By YoungFaith December 09, 2016, 14:30:22

Hope this helps the non believers when it comes to full Vitality sacriers.

Full Vit Sacrier damage example

pain shared/punishment Strategy (damage)

current hp = 6000 +
survivors punishment = 7000hp

6000hp + painshared 20% damage (self & enemy(s) = 1400 damage

survivals punishment +

lightspeed + painshared= 1680 damage.

lightspeed+ painshared+ CLOUDY= 2016 damage

punishment 30% damage (50%hp) = 2100 damage.

light speed+ punishment= 2310 damage.

+ cloudy= 2772 danage

New Scenario/example...

50%hp 3000/6000

Flayed mans punishment + punishment = 2240 damage.

flayed punishment+ light speed + punishment = 2688 damage

flayed mans punishment+ lightspeed+ punishment + cloudy= 3224 damage

CLOUDY worth investing for full vit...

this is just for high vit sacs let alone high vit and an element(s)
if you don't like the cool down then find ways to use pain shared next turn great combo.

Convalescence (10% hp heal -20% damage reduction) 600 or 700 with survivals punishment.

Painshared and Punishment DOES NOT get effected by 'Convalescence'.

Full vit sacs can win many group or solo games due to adjustability
you can use multi sets to adjust to the type of fight you will be dealing with pvp or pvm.
can go from a healing intel sac with max vit or duo elements depending on your preferences and money.

extra tips. if you have 70% hp in survivors punishment. you can either increase with 6 ap to 90% then use painshared or used flayed mans punishment and hp will be at 60%. obvious combos but its to defend a full it sac for people who don't see the advantage.

Full Vit Sacrier PROTECTOR role example

Same role as a mask and feca

Feca: damage reduction
mask: shields
sacrier: sacrifice.

Feca can use a range of damage reduction spells
mask can shield self and allies according to hp%
scarier can sacrifice (3 targets max) and self heal

Just like a mask you support your team mates by constantly sacrificing and self healing. (you can sac every turn 0 cool down)

Recommended hp= 6000-7000vit sac. (995 vit points)
Resistance (20%+ 20%+ 20%+ 20%+ 20%+) "more res the better the scarier can tank" ps if you have 50% neut res painshared would be more beneficial.

Having a range of sets and builds is high recommended!
Intel (healer weapon or damage)
agil (damage/positioning)
chance (tank)

Don't forget
strength/intel (flints)
like a mask literally!


disadvantages: the more elements the less damage on spells but the more with the weapon.

DOKOKO highly recommended.

Cloudy for damage yes its a must!

(side not you must make a high vit set like a mask would)

again hope this helps.

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What is this Cloudy Move that you mention in your post?

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I assume he means the faux "dofus" that increases final damage. Ignoring the mention of the dofus', I really like what i'm seeing, I'll give it a try and see how it goes, thats for the work!

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After testing myself, I can assume that the Cloudy Dofus increasing % Final Damage has NO Effect on Pain Shared neither Punishment.
It was Fixed Damage, based on your Sacrier's HP however Lightspeed's 120% Damage Sustain works.
And I dealt more Damage with Survivor Punishment than Flayed Man from Punishment.

Have you tested these yourself or just made 'em up?

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