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What characteristics should i go on my revamped Sacrier?

By Descension#8389 - SUBSCRIBER - February 02, 2017, 08:26:51
Hello all! So, I started on the revamped Sacrier and very troubled on which characteristics i should use. I do know the spells. Right now, I'm very tempted to go on Intelligence sacrier. But on some other threads, i hear that Intelligence scarers die too easily.
What is the best characteristic to choose? I don't mind being a multi-characteristics guy. (like Int/Air, Int/chance, Chance/air)

Tho I'd like to do good damage...
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Imo , chance/air seems the best combo. Sac has less HP now but does a whole lot more damage. It's up to you , sincerely...Intell might be good , too if you like it and if you gear your sac right.
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Hmm Chance/Air sounds nice.... I'll research on it biggrin Thx ^^
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Agi/int is pretty good, a lot of damage and mobility
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I main a pure fire end game sacrier and it doesnt die as easily as youd think, given the fact that you hit yourself. The key is to use bloodbath after you hit with other fire spells. Also if you stack intel resistance, it does in fact reduce the self inflicted dmg.

I leveled my intel until it costed 3 for 1. Then i poured it all in vitality. It tanks quite well and inflicts some serious damage. It actually feels like you're a berserker and i love to jump into the front lines.
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