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questions about revamped sacrier

By The-Pie-Phantom February 25, 2017, 16:03:17

Hey all I have a few questions..

1.) How do they fair in endgame? Via pvm mostly

2.) Is there anyway to disable the transformation animation? I like the play style of scarier, but I'm not a fan of how we turn into a strange looming being when 50% HP.. it just doesn't look like a sacrier, I'd be more of a fan of a wounded looking warrior with a pool of blood under my feet.. not a flying spaghetti monster or meat man..

3.) I haven't played them since revamp, are they still the team protecting beasts they used to be? I love the idea of being a Savior for my team. I enjoy playing classes like feca, and masq.

4.) What's a good pvm/ group pvp build? I mostly pvm, but I'd like to do some kolo.

Thanks in advance


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