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Should I go hybrid or stay pure?

By JennerNettoBX#2613 April 20, 2017, 20:59:28
Hey, guys!

I've already spent 200 points on chance and I have 45 spare points, as I'm lvl 70 by now.
I'm thinking of spending these points on other element, but I'm unsure of which one.

Besides I have no clue of which equipment I should use from now on.
I have a Gobkool Set, which I mix with a Prespic Set, but I'm doing the same damage since lvl 38.

Can anyone bring me a light here?

Forgot to say. I usually play only PVM.
About the equipment, the formulamonster guide gave me a light, but it's chance only.
If you have any tips on equipment for a hybrid sac, I'd appreciate.

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judging from the gear your using right now it dosent seem like you have the budget to go multi stat right now if thats the route you wana go id wait til around the 120-140 area so you have more choices
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