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Are sacriers mediocre?

By -Sparilas-#4289 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - April 24, 2017, 17:38:15
And by mediocre what i really mean is, are they trash? What is their role even? It makes no sense to me.
We have sacrifice but we're just as frail as other classes now.
We have decent damage but at the cost of killing ourselves while other classes have the same or more damage for no cost at all.

What reason is there to play a sacrier over any other class now?:blink: 
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Sacris are kind of immortal combined with very good mobility and that op swap. At least in kolo they are very strong.
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Sterntaler|2017-04-24 18:20:12
Sacris are kind of immortal combined with very good mobility and that op swap. At least in kolo they are very strong.
Yes, but now you have to choose if you wanna be immortal, a godly positioner or a damage dealer by keeping the same punishment 3 turns in a row, which means they are more effective on that role but less versatile.

In fact, Sacriers are a good class for both PvP and PvM.
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@Sparilas: If by "as frail as the other classes" you mean "have 40% damage reduction, plus potentially 50% resistances and lifesteal, thus can barely be damaged at all after 3 turns". Fire deals self damage, but much less than they dish out, which a healer can fix. Sacriers also have pretty good map manipulation (though I hesitate to say it's good enough for them to base themselves on) and great mobility. The thing here is that, like some other classes (eca, fogger, masq, as a few examples), you have to identify what you'll need the most and commit to it early on. Then you become a powerhouse. But even with the smaller buffs from punishments, sacriers are decent damage dealers and have great mobility at least.
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Basically, what everyone has already said, if you commit to a role like damage dealer, mobility/map manipulator, tank, you dominate those roles, in respect to the class. Tank isn't like other classes, they can pretty effortlessly achieve 50% resist in all elements and still deal decent damage. What part of that is Trash? Since Sacrier main role has always been a tank, it makes sense that this role outshines the other two. From my experience playing over and over my own Sacrier on the heroic server, I much much much prefer this sac to the other ones, I find myself able to figure my way out of much harder encounters solely on the tankyness of the class than the previous allowed.
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Why would you play a sacrier for heals instead of an eni? Also, why would you play a sacrier for damage instead of an iop? Lastly, why a sacrier for a tank instead of a feca? The list can go on...

Honestly, why sacrier over pretty much any other class? I'm not saying that sacriers suck. I'm saying that they suck when compared to other classes. Jack of all trades, master of none. You certainly don't dominate in any role even if you commit. There are classes that can do what you do, and be better at it too.

Also, the damage reduction can either be close combat or ranged, which isn't exactly all that helpful when you're fighting more than one type of enemy at a time. As for the mobility, you have to be in swift punishment to swap, which limits your options significantly and doesn't exactly let you commit to your roles more often than not. Assault and attraction are pretty neat, but a xelor could accomplish the same feats while also dealing massive damage and stacking buffs.

Basically, my issue with sacriers is that fire hurts them too much, life transfer and sacrifice are pointless, transpo is tied to swift punishment and robust and swift punishment should have their effects separated. Honestly, i don't like the new punishments in general. They are not a terrible system, but they have nothing to do with sacriers and their obsession with pain. For all the complaints about dofus revamps being too much like wakfu, i think that sacriers would have been more fun if they had some elements from their wakfu counterparts. Dofus sacriers went from being all about vitality and building stats from being hurt, to a class that has normal health pool and gains nothing from being hurt. The class has lost it's identity both in character and in game-play.

Sure, sacriers had to move away from dumping all their stat points into vit, but they could have retained some of their boosted HP and ability to grow stronger from being hurt. Wakfu's sacriers have a passive buff that boosts their HP by a percentage and another that boosts their damage when their hp drops. I can't imagine why sacriers in dofus can't have their new punishments integrated into a passive ability like that.

It seems that ankama was not confident enough to try new things with this revamp, so they played it safe and just used class mechanics that have worked for them in the past. They also didn't want to completely remove everything that made sacriers themselves, so they left some spells in there. The end result is just bizarre. It makes no sense for sacriers to hurt themselves with their own spells since they gain no benefit from being damaged. It also makes no sense to take hits for someone else or give them your life. Sure, you can use the damage reduction punishments but that's assuming that the enemy only using either close combat or ranged damage, and even if that's the case then you're still missing out on a lot of damage that you could have potentially dealt.

To conclude, i think that sacriers are going through an identity crisis and that translates to them having no real place in a well thought out team since better alternatives exist. Perhaps calling them trash is too much of a stretch, but the world of competitive games is often harsh like that: a mediocre class might as well be total garbage. As for me personally, i still like sacriers because i played one for years and i just can't seem to be able to quit them. However, the competitive side of me still shouts out "trash!" when i see their performance in the game. Good thing i'm not all that serious about this game anymore or i wouldn't be able to enjoy it :3
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For someone playing multiple characters who treats each one dimensional component of their team as a part of a whole, with no thought beyond one single minded role; fine, there are better tools. Otherwise, that versatility you hold as a weakness is the very reason to play one.

As a sacrier, I can't hit as hard as an iop, but I can tank better. I can't heal as well as an eni, but I can hit harder. I can't tank as well as a feca, but I can heal better. As you said, the list can go on.

Not every team is 'well thought out.' Some players only have one account. Some players wouldn't want to play a single focus character if that's their only character. Even in a well planned group, having the swiss army knife that can reinforce the role players as needed is an asset.
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@Barilas: Sounds like there should be way less classes ingame. iop pretty much out dmg evry ofher class so i assume every other dd is crap and should be either removed or revamped to be identical to the iop just with a different skin..

I like the variety in this game and i know that some ppl make the "crap" classes work pretty well.
Besides of that i still find sacris at least in kolo game changing. And if the swap comes timely paired with good positioning its just decisive.
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