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cha/agi idols

By Freaky-One#8469 - SUBSCRIBER - May 04, 2017, 21:10:38
What do you think is the best set of idols for Cha / Agi Sac? I mainly lvl up solo, help will be much appreciated smile 
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I play a pure agi Sac and when soloing I usually use minor dynamo, dynamo, major dynamo, muta, yosh, and major yosh. These are great for cc characters like sac. Easy to do and sustain with decent bonuses, obviously you can upgrade some of the idols to the great variants but im too poor.

I also recommend its a great website to choose dofus idols!
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For sacrier in general muta, zaihn, kyoub, behelit, horiz, dynamo, dakid, nekineko, yosh and it's variants are great, just be aware to the bonus or penalities they offer when you use them at the same time, use the link the previous mate said (Click here) to test a few combinations and choose what is best for you.
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