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Sacrier after rework

By KrwawyKoala#8848 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - May 28, 2017, 13:44:56
Last time i played 6 months ago, and as i see sacrier changed a lot. Is it worth of playing anymore? What should i go for? Still chance or int? I have 100 lvl and 5mk . Or if it sucks- which class is the best for this moment?
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My interpretation at this point is this: Int sacs using eni gear (Gear with heals, also gear with power and int focused) can essentially heal themselves for a good amount during PvE with little risk of death. I solo a lot with mine and she's 127 or so (I forget her level a lot.) As for other builds, I can't attest to those since I have been int for most of my sacrier tenure nor can I tell you that at 200, this is the case, but my understanding is that i you want power, you can still heal with bloodthirsty. If you want to wing more on defense, you can do that and still heal.
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Well. Okay. I'll think about it.

Which class is best right now? Is Ougi good right now?

I know its not topic to talk about it but i dont want to spam forum.
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Ouginak is the new sacrier tbh
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