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choosing elemant

By iMaonen#2180 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - May 30, 2017, 16:14:55
hello guys, im a sacrier lvl 175, i just return to play again after a few years.
i see sacrier class has changed. i used to be a chance sacrier and now after the revamp i dont know what to choose.
i understand now that the sacrier is no longer tank as he used to be.
so what element should i choose?
thanks for the help guy smile 
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having he same problem,let me know if you figured it out
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I'd say either Fire or Water to 300 then rest of points into Vitality, or go Fire/Water hybrid (about 250/250 points-wise).
I think Air spells are best used for utility and not worth focusing on for damage (Fury needs setup, Assault 1 use per target, Light Speed 3 turn cooldown).
Fire inflicts self-damage to deal high damage to enemies while healing up the self-damage with Blood Bath, while Water doesn't have as high damage but always life-steals. happy
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Put 200 Chance and rest Vit, them go for Chance!
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Sacs are better tanks then they have EVER been. No more erosion, and built in punishment for 60% damage taken... 
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