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Newbie sacrier here and need help

By Ush1o#3336 - SUBSCRIBER - August 16, 2017, 15:06:20

Hi, Dofus community! Wanna ask a couple of questions:

  • How viable sacrier's as a solo character in PvE? Especially in early dungeon running (solo or with Lumino sidekick dungeon running till lvl 100+).
  • How good sacrier's as the first, main and the only character (have some Cra but it's boring and I'm stuck with it :-//)?
  • How viable sacrier's in PvP - 3v3 (solo and team) and 1v1?
  • What build should I choose for sac? Pure Water (Chance)? Water/Air (Chance/Agi)? Water/Fire (Chance/Int)?
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*Cha/agi is nice, has lock,and lifesteal.
*Int/agi is nice, has lock, damage boost,but some spells cost some of your hp, imo most it's to "fast end" the game.
*Int/cha, damage boost, lifesteal but lack of lock /dodge, however those stats can be obtained through items

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I just go straight intelligence bro

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