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New un-updated Sacrier looking for guidance

By RedNinjaOP#3360 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - November 17, 2017, 09:51:43
Hello there. A few friends have returned to DOFUS after the release of the mono servers. We were playing DOFUS touch before, so an old version and many things have changed from there.

I made a Sacrier, and since its reworked here, im kinda at loss of what to do with him.

Do you still go full hp on him?
Whats the best element/s for tanking/self sustain (Guess chance->int?)?
Did Sacrier really loose his AOE sustain? (Seriously, where is my disolution Dsmile

I know there is a planned re-rework for him on December, but any help that gets me through till that would be greatly appreciated.
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I played it some on the beta, and the best sollution is to pick another class. This one is a big mess, sadly. Even more so than before. :/

I really hope they will give a free classchange token to sacriers.

If you plan to stick with it, gl. smile
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It depends on which sac you're talking about, the beta sac is kinda horrendous right now with the levels of suffering. But if you're talking about sac with bloodthirsty, swift, and robust punishment I can give some advice. I'm a cha/agi sac because I like to tank. Int is really powerful and can put some serious damage out. If you go mono element, agi has high cc damage and cha has some nice range. Sac is kinda a mix between tank/dps using robust and bloodthirsty punishments as needed. Swiftness is really only used in niche situations and when you need to use transportation.

So mainly you're looking at a highly mobile tank/dps using the punishments needed. Vit is still just as important, I'd put 100-150 in two stats the rest into vit if you go dual elemental.
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300 in one stat if you go 1 element? Atm idk what to do with it, i sorta stuck everything in vit cause i was to stupid to not clearly read the changes. Atm idk how good a Sacrier is. Any tips on how to play it decently?

I mean can i keep a high lvl boss busy for a couple of turns while the rest of my team clears the mobs without me dyin?
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