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Need advice to beat a sac with MP dodge

By Bellatriximus#1020 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - December 15, 2017, 17:22:10
Hi, I play Ouginak, Steamer, Osamodas, Water Iop and was wondering what I should do.
On my osamodas and ouginak, it just seems to be a case out of dpsing a sac.... which is kinda hard.  Osamodas can stop them teleporting for a turn if they're within range to put a black gobball down.  Ouginak (I play fire) seems to be a case of trying to remove their movement points, put them in gravity state and tibia them.
Water iop.... well it's a water iop so not much comes to mind that it can beat.  In fact, nothing comes to mind.
Steamer is just a case of playing teleportation and running around turrets hoping not to get attracted and pulled or teleported.

How do I stop sacriers getting their damage up?
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