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Sacrier PvP, explain please?

By sam-rock#4193 - SUBSCRIBER - May 09, 2018, 22:07:57
This information has been collect from me doing level 30-110 in only kolo.

IOP (Supposed to have most damage but very short range therefor hard to get damage out)

Less health (Sac gets every level, would be fine if not for other reasons)
Less damage (With 3x better gear after 4x it starts to balance so around 70 levels of gear)
Less survivability
Less healing
Less range
Less movement (Compared to a decent sac)

Sacrier (Tanky, long range, self healing, summon that heals and does ranged damage)
More health as intended very tanky 
Much more damage for example last 5 fights they all do around 650,600,600 a turn and then self heal = 1850 damage
More survivability with self heals, summon, teleport, pull, 
Much more healing as IOP has near to none, long list of heals
More range can attack you around corners with the cross, teleport to you while doing high damage and longer range
More movement,  Can move anywhere with the help of swap with his summon, chafs and cawwots

Someone explain where this balances please (This data is from 100-110 examples)
Also i can kill all other classes up to 140 as I have max possible gear OP gear costing 10mk+ on my IOP. Compared to the 50kk gear these level 70 sacs who just 2 turn 3000 health?
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i completely agree, same story with sacriers at lvl 200. The snowflake that made the spells for the new sacrier should be fired. 
Get someone sensible in charge, how hard can it be!
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its worse at higher levels. You think your iops damage is impressive until a sacrier gets in the fight. Then it feels like iop attacks with wet noodles. 
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Sacs are way Over powered right now. A sac on par with the same level as you, and same gear with you, can take pretty much every single class in 1V1 and they're a huge burden in Kolo.

The only effective method i've found for 1v1 is a Feca with full defense abilities (Aegis, one hit sheild, and regular sheilds) and an Xelor skilled in AP rape.

Damage VS Damage they'll win every time, even if you don't hit them and give them more power. Its like the damage was made for sacs to still be full vitality but obviously no one is anymore because its 1 for 1 now.
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MP rape is a sacriers bane
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lol.. agine complainant post about sac XD why u didnt add this to the last one?
but i will give u all answers coz im a sac since dofus 1.29
at the start, u got a right that sac is extrymly strong. i would sey he is the stronges than he ever been, but its good for them, sac were hardly forgoten after dofus 2.0 they were usless in pvp, 508idols burned them on hunts but last 3 years especiali last 2 ups make us very flexible and its our time to shine! but still we got a lot of counters.
so.. lets start answering xD
Sirridesalot  and FinalHour  if u think that sac got the higes dmg then yours dmg delaers are bad builded. sac can hit a bit more than 4k (w.o berserk buff but i have got 150 air dmg and 1500agi  in full dmg Ensemble) in tourn at lvl 200. expl: cra can hit around 3.2k for 6ap (2x tormenting) iops pyghmachia or tumult are insane.. good ougis dmg is constant around 4k. chance hupper can do over 4k if he know how to vuln in cheep way, also eca can do insane dmg too. i dont countig rogals bombs, or osas summons. so as u can see if u know how to build set u can get great results on each acc. my friend got cha/int panda who hit 2.5k only from soulbaze sword xD, someother guy from my guild got thanos staff build enu  who hits 3.4k! haha xD

backing to the iop, it isnt best class to low lvl pvp coz iops need a lot of spell to complet build where sac build is based on 3-4 spells. BUT! when i found old post abut sac dominating on kolo i tested that wich class i can cover him and found a lot of them. iop was 1of them coz of jump.
in iop case u have chance with sac since lvl 70. at this lvl u can use fishingbow. u cant win with sac in cc, u have to kiting them. this bow got 8rang and 2x on tourn xD so with 11/6 build u can be like a tofu! also concentration spell got extra dmg to summons so u are able to cut down half of sac mobility. last think it is a play around lightnig speed with isnt hard. if u get skill in this typ o fighing u can be even untachable for sac but its hard fighting style.

The easiest fights vs sac for me was when i play  as a sram. just invis.. and nothink more.. a lot of sacs dont know how to play around invis especialy on low lvl kolo so i was able to ezy rekt them.

in next order were debuffs/mp reapers classes like enu, cra and even sadi xD, -mp and -rang/gravi and sac can do nothink.

next clases was kiting one (iop, masq, osa etc..) the most difficult but also the most satisfying  fights.

so.. to win vs sac u have to know how to play around him, u have to know when and what he can do and its all. i think its same like in othere fights.. if u know your enemy u can counter him. Also sorry for that text wall and yea.. ik u will press disliks below it.. anyway have fun in world of 12!
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Sacs are really strong I would say even borderline broken/OP right now in pvp they dominate the leader boards in 3 V 3 kolo but they are awfully boring, I been playing sacs since dofus 1 and I am a sac main and in all honesty i do not like the concept of the current version of sacs I like early 2016 revamp sacs thats when they was at their best but Ankama nerfed them to the ground but as of right now knowing Ankama they will nerf sacs into oblivion and do another revamp. But Back on topic sacs can be very frustrating to fight when they are 200 cause of the cancerous ivory dofus and how they can sustain themselves really well throughout a fight and with how the class is made they can be easily better then a lot of classes in low level pvp and only certain classes can have a fighting chance against them. sacs have a lot of mobility, damage, tank, they dont really have a weakness besides they are close range the original sacs had the weakness of loosing their buffs over time and erosion which in my opinion erosion was the worse thing sacs had. Back on topic i can understand why iop players would be mad about this because iops are suppose to be the highest hitting class in the game with no sustain they are the glass cannons, but until Ankama decides to balance sacs, iops will have to resort into using pressure which give a lot of erosion and i hope Anakma didn't nerf pressure havent played iops in a while and also the run away tactic. 
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i like the old sacs best, when there were punishments that boost your stats when youre damaged
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Iops can jump across the map, giving weakness to the enemy for a turn. They can gain AP to deal more damage during that turn in exchange for losing some the following turn. They have a vitality spell and several pushing ones.

Sacriers can transpose every few turns, and they also have attraction. They are either tanks or berserkers. But you cannot abuse both roles.
Iop and sacrier start with the same amount of hp but when you get negative suffering you gain max hp%, tho none of your spells will hit like a truck. If you choose to deal more damage there is nothing that helps you stay alive, your only defense is your offense. (maybe some sword healing)

The real difference tho is that fine balance that sacrier got in the recent patches, I think the class has finally good options to choose from. Ankama will never be able to make every class equally good, don't forget that.
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yep an sac cant die 1v1 with a good set and defensive skills :l
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