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sacrier nerf

By twoteatoroomtwo#4574 - SUBSCRIBER - June 13, 2018, 17:00:33
hi guys, im massive fun of kolo. im playing on around 140-160 lvls and im enjoying my ougi. but one thing comes to my mind when im facing sacriers. why arent they nerfed yet? how is that fair that sacrier can take someones 80% of life in the first turn at no cost in return? it is impossible to prevent that in any way. there's many ways to fix that but nothing is being done. there is no single kolo on my level where there is no sacrier in a match. do something about it cause there's no point to play masqueraider, rogue, xelor or similar classes that need to spend few turn to do some damage and its never gonna be anywhere near sacriers.
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Yea as a sac main the current sac is op/broken and the scaling if off the roof allowing them to dominate at any level, if you were hoping a nerf in the next patch it is not coming, no nerf or changes are coming to any characters so sadly they will keep dominating the pvp realm for a lot longer and Ankama have been extremely slowing down updates this years, but hopefully they will get a nerf soon. i would recommend playing 3 v 3 pvp and have a sac with you so life can be a lot easier.
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Here's one thing that helps you.% Resistance.
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that is the thing that helps them to survive even longer.
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easiest solution in 3 v 3 pvp if you play that have your team jump the sac, but I dont think anyone have a firm answer on how to counter them, but luckily they dont have access to ivory dofus so they shouldn't be crazy tanky
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I dont understand how you guys think Sac is OP. What kind of skills are you talking about because I am clueless on it. 
I recently came back to the game and I main Sac but I keep getting annihilated.
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hey hey.
i play as a sac sinc dofus 1,29 and and got like 5k kolo rating so i think i can have somthink to sey in this case.
yes, sacs are very very strong now, but its good reward for them for being almost usless in pvm and being just ok in pvp from years. now we got own 5 mins to shine, but dont worry, ppl like u get nerf for us for sure... wich is sad
abuot pvp, sac got a lot of weaknesses but i think u had to play as a sac to find them.
Also im hardly suprised that ougi have a problem with sac.. where ougi is natural counter class for sac. why? coz ougi can be same tanky as a sac and also got erosion. so how u losing vs sac?! i think u are using best mode too much insted of focus on survi (red rage stack (10%, 10% dmg sustained) + heal + shield + 15% from watchdogs ) and keep erosion sac.. (tested, my fried is extrymly hard to beat ougi: woof-zwai)
other sac counters?
reap builds, summoner builds, pb dmg builds
1 think about sac.. he is TANK u cant win with him just by dmg.. he is designed to survive it as a feca.. ougi.. panda..
and keep in mind 2 main pvp rules:
1. there is always a way to win
2. u cant win with each class in 1 set, u have to get few if u are going to end-game pvp. (as i have: ap res set for enis, fecas, xelors, mp res set for sadis and enus, agi rogues(still hard to win with good one..), pb res set for exp: iops(still hard fghts..), masqs etc..)
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Mate, you've got to change your tactics. I used to think sacs were "OP" because I had a hard time with them on my iop in 1v1. However.. all you have to do is stay away and DON'T HIT THEM WHEN BESERK.. god.. I made a sacrier out of curiosity and it's very fun to play.. but the number of people crying nerf after they make that bloody obvious mistake is ridiculous. Also the cooldown for berserk is 4 damn turns, take advantage of that..
​​​​​​I think that if sacs were really nerfed, they simply wouldn't do enough damage. They have to take a fair amount to hit as hard as they do, and spells are weak until 4 or 5 suffering, which can take a turn or two to get depending on how the match starts.Also in 3v3 the same goes.. don't hit it when it's beserk. Wait til the next turn and focus on the sac until it's gone. Easy. You just have to learn how to play against each class.
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Thanks you for speaking the truth. Yes, Sacrier are very effective (maybe too much ?) with the power stacking Berserk. It costs 3AP and if you don't hit him, he can't stack more than 300 power with Mutilation, at the cost of 2AP per turn. It's far less effective than Iop's Amplification, don't you think ?
November patch will nerf the Suffering damage scaling of spells to be less ridiculous, but still, don't hit them when they are under Berserk, or use spells that reduce Effects duration to dispell this one-turn buff (Berserk or the power gained itself).
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Dofus has on many occasion stated that 1v1 is not where they balance classes. They balance classes based on 3v3 and 5v5 fights. 1v1 will never be perfect. Cra. Xelor. Enu. They all destroy a sac 1v1. Do they need nerfs because they are "OP agaist sacs"? You're playing an oug meaning you are primarily close combat which a sac rules in. So play against that and don't expect 1v1 to ever be balanced because it never will be.
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