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Sacrier Build help

By Bremmstoker#2768 - SUBSCRIBER - June 30, 2018, 00:03:32
So I recently, like literally 2 days ago, got back into dofus after not playing for about 3-4 years and I've fallen in love with the sacrier and was curious about thoughts on a build for my sac. This is ultimately for endgame but wanna plan ahead and learn the combos as I level.

Currently I am running a Str/Int build but I lack good mobility or sustainability. I was thinking of switching to Int/Cha for mobility plus MP draining but the issue I have with going Cha at all is the costs for the good spells are weird like 3 or 5 and they don't really fit into a turn combo outside of MP reducing then face tanking.

The other build was Int/Agi but neither has any good skills to go negative in Suffering to get that nice tankiness. I really like the concept of being able to flip between hyper damage and tank with convalescence depending on the situation and need of either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as well as what item sets to go for.
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Play either full Int or Agi until ~110.
Full Int does a lot of damage with Motivating Pain which is an AoE with a 25% crit chance base. Get HP using your Flying sword. You want to be at mid range to damage ennemies and don't be hit back. I don't have any hint for the items thought, I didn't play this. Use this as a base and adapt with your needs/funds.
Full Agi does more damage since Fury is single-target but only at close range. Agi give you the mobility you want with Light Speed and native Lock/Dodge. Being at close range, you will stack Berserk more quickly but will be hit more often. Plus, you have a little sustain with  Torture once you have 10 AP (usually lvl 100).Here is a cheap stuff to have : You can have the "Dofus Argenté" (Silver Dofus ?) to help you survive a little more.

Then, with Dissolution lvl 115, you can go Cha/Agi. You can use Torture + Dissolution to tank like hell, Fury and Nervousness to hit from close to mid range, until you get Cloberring, while keeping mobility due to being Air (natural Dodge/Lock).
You can also go for Cha/Int, hitting from long range with AoE Motivating Pain, single target Nervousness and and sustained with Dissolution.
Fire at these levels are good due to Motivating Pain being a great spell, but that's the only benefit of the element before 200.
Earth is, in my opinion, totally garbage before 180. Because you get Decimation very late, it evolve late in the game and do less damage than Fury/Motivating Pain/Nervousness. Plus, Slaughter is not worth being Earth, and Ravages and Gash come at 180+.
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