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how high should i put each characteristic?

By Greyywolf23#4467 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - February 16, 2019, 18:18:46
So I am now cresting into the mid 100's in terms of leveling and I was wondering, I have two Characteristics that are both at 200 points and I'm wondering if I should just keep going with those two char or if I should put my points into new ones?
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I suppose you are more of a beginner than advanced player. What you are building at the moment is hybrid of two elements which is a really rewarding idea, but when it comes to costs of building a decent set, it's rather huge. So if you can afford spending plenty of kamas on scrolls and maged gear, stick to those two elements (I've never had hybrid myself so I am not sure how to distribute stats exactly, but I'd go for 300 to your main element and the rest of the points to the secondary one), but don't split your points into three or four. It's only affordable on level 200.

Honestly, I suggest that going mono-element would be better for you at the moment. It's cheaper, makes you hit much more and when you achieve level 200, there's a bunch of sets designed for hybrid characters that work way better than those on levels ~150.

Hope that was helpful! smile
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