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Class Improvement - Sacrier

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - February 20, 2019, 17:58:41
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and would you increase the survival of the sacrid precisely in what way? limiting yourself to using skills once a turn? the very ones he needs to recharge his life? are you really serious? or are you fucking with me? no let me understand just because four without neurons can't face a sacrid you demolish it?
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Sac 2.53 is (no)good! need (no)more nerfs!

i was goiing to comper sac spells to spells of all other classes but i give up when i saw that even eni(Defensive word), osa(Sedimentation) got close/same dmg to sac and aslso applays additional effects.. so if even supports got what i have i try to comper it with feca, ougi, masq, panda. those class seems to be closest to sac for me.
so.. feca first.
gash doing self dmg but dazzling got higher dmg than gash, its aoe and got additonal effect.. next feca got swelling same dmg but its rang and got push.. Lethargy same affect but rang and -mp.. backlash same dmg as fury/deci but also steals stat.. torpor same dmg as fury/deci but steal dodge..
aww... sac is not even close. lets try ougi!
watchdog higher dmg than fury/deci and also giving dmg sustain.. jaw same dmg as sac but also bosting allies power..striping is tons of dmg and any drowback..tally have same dmg and steals mp.. Tibia higher dmg and push.. humerus higher dmg and tp..tracking higher dmg and advences 5cells.. hunt a bit higher dmg also push.. bloodhound same dmg and bosting power.. beaten same dmg and adds mp for allies.. Radius higher dmg and switch place.. 
Vertebra almost same dmg but this one is dmg over time.. cerberus higher dmg and also -dodge.. Amarok same dmg and additonal effect..carving up higher dmg and -heal on target...
woooowwww.. sac is so far behind...
lets give a shot a masq..
furia much higher dmg, almost same as gash where furi cost 1 ap less.. also fury bosting dmg.. inferno higher dmg and bosting power..purgatorio higher dmg and -effeckt.. ronda same dmg as gash but its aoe..

ok, no point to push it forward.. basicly sac got half of this what have others but also paying for it much more.. not only ap but also hp and additonal erosion its mean that sac now have 8usless spelss almost all the time, they just helping to kill him without any profit..

ofc i dont mind to use hp as a payment for spell cast and i like it but it should be worth.. so if that selfdmg thing can be worth u need at least bost dmg dealt to opponent and hal this dmg to caster.. maybe like +10base dmg so furry woould be around 40(50) and 15(20) as self-dmg also without addional erosion from it. now sac got weaker version of spells what each class have and suffering is not a ansswer here.
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About sac 2.54 BETA:

Prefusion- very good buff, i dont mind to see even more than 40% (to greedy prabbly. tongue.) but its variant of  anttraction so cant be use very offen imo.. 
Berserk - i do not see any diffrences
dmg spells for 3 ap- i dont like it.. 
dmg spells for 4ap- seems ok for me, also with new prefusion.
suffering- still super slow.. bonus is oky after 4th stack! its super late... beffore this stack suffering buff is sooo low, almost doesnt exist.. erosion probelm still exist... just a few % of additional ero and no bonuses from suffering.. still self dmg pushing us into self erosion.. this mechanick got big potencial but still long way to make it good.

so much work a front of ankama to make sac worth to play agine in build which are not focuse on weapon spam..BUT FIRST GOOD STEP BY ANKAMA ON THE PATH OF BALANCE SAC imo
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why was there a need to change the self attacks element damage to -10% health? 
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Scarier needs a nerf and quick.
If groups of 5 scariers take out perfect combo teams in perc/prism fights without a single one dying, something went wrong horrible wrong.
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Oh please, not again this s...

Ankama seems to have a real problem to balance classes for PvP AND PvM.

Sacrier has a hard time to get through the special mechanic monster fights in PvM right now.
The last thing he needs is a nerf because PvP (again).
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Maybe the nice people at ankama schould find a way to buff it mechanicly then instead of going face and hope they come out. 

After all we pay alot to subscribe to this game so balance is the least we can expect.

You cant just leav it like this in pvp, i think if you'd have a chart with the number of scariers in pvp compared to other classed you'd be suprised.
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Don´t get me wrong. I can understand the problem and frustration about the Sacrier in PvP.
But if Ankama nerfs a character it effects PvP and PvM. This bears the risk (again) that the Sacrier sucks in Endgame (again).Maybe Ankama should split mechanics for PvP and PvM.
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buff sacri
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