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I am loving the new sacrier.

By Ruhstyhel#1384 July 07, 2019, 22:55:55
Honestly the best version ive personally played. ankama please. stay with this version.
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I have never had the desire to play a scarier before, in 12+years of playing, but these current changes really appeal to me. 
I have made a new sac and am absolutely loving the play style, the reduction to damage received and increase to damage dealt with hp loss is an ingenious solution to the problems that the old punishment systems had
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Yeah isnt it fun to play on godmode cheats.
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What endgame element would you recommend as a sac?
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Just imagine new sacri with feca and/or masq in team. Constant incoming damage reduction by ~90%, while having ~50% final damage boost + hp shields, it gonna be solid.
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