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New Sacrier Builds...?

By vikinggoldleader#8934 - SUBSCRIBER - August 06, 2019, 23:20:29
I'm getting back into Dofus and noticed that a lot has changed with the Sacrier.
Does anyone still dump all their points into vitality for Sacriers? Is that still a thing?
And is an intelligence/vitality build still viable at higher levels? Or even just pure intelligence?

If not, what builds are best for solo play? (Unless there's people on echo that want to be my friend smile
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No, Sacriers no longer go for 100% vitality. Omega sacriers use to be AGI or STR, in mono-element, because of the incredibly damage base damage of their spells (from 60 to 70). They're currently dealing 1.5-2k at 100% hp.

The longer is your HP, the more damage you deal & the less damage you receive. You gotta hit yourself with that spell to increase its base damage tho.

For solo play 150+ I suggest going air/cha because of how versatile it is (and lot of sustain with dissolution and desolation).  When you need AoE, you have AoE. When you need to destroy some1, you can deal tons of damage. However, at level 200, I suggest going mono and having at least 2 different sets (not cool to be air against a 60% air-res boss, you'll deal like 2k damage each turn tho).

Common stats for hybrid is 300 in 2 elements + 395 in vitality (300 stat points will be +200).
Common stats for mono is 600 in 1 element + 395 in vitality (+300 in one element, +395 vitality).

Also your health at level 200 should be above 4.5k. Resistances are cool but up to preferences (PvP / PvM). You should aim for, at least, 1K stat when going mono element (I got 1.2k + 300 power, for instance).
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