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wtf are these brain dead nerfs to sacri ??

By akrilotharrr#5310 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - September 19, 2019, 03:46:03
our damage has been entirely removed , and it looks like the only proper way to play sacri in the beta is by only using life stealing spells , the self-damaging spells are entirely useless , in no situation is it worth getting hit for that much for a slight increase in damage when you have life steal spells that are close in damage but help you stay alive. the damage increase that comes from voluntarily taking your hp should be much higher than it is , using  self-damaging spells as they are in the beta helps your opponent more than it will ever help the sacri.

how did ankama ever think these values make sense , not to mention how utterly shit this makes sacri in pvm , I take twice as long to finish pvm fights now .

what the fuck angry
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That totally sucks... as I was missing playing as one and were thinking of changing back to. Guess they made the sac class like the one in wakfu. What a bummer. Goodluck on future updates I suppose.
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Honestly Ankama dosent know how to handle or what to do with the sac class they got it right with the very first revamp but nerfed it to oblivion. Its been like this for years even though i dont really play dofus 2 anymore because of retro. the sac class have never got to enjoy anything good for all that long I think Ankama should just revert back to the original sac and work off that. But we all know this will never happen.
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