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Duo with Sacrier to solo most endgame content

By tomowamathebeast#3984 - SUBSCRIBER - June 17, 2020, 22:38:56

I’m looking for a good second character for a nice duo with Sacrier. I’m looking to be able to solo most endgame content using just my Sacrier(str) and another character.
So please tell me the best duo with a str Sacrier and what element I should build this other character.
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Gday mate,

I used to roll with a str build sac in 2019 but have since changed to an air build.  However when I was str I duoed with an omni cra for end game pvp.  Positives were reasonable damage output but not an effective duo overall as the cra position was too far back generally and couldn't provide any healing or other shields and managing the sac health regulation with leech speeds vs end game content was too difficult on his own..   

Since the latest updates I'm now raising an int eca and will eventually run a water/pb dam masq.   

My thoughts are perhaps try an onmi masq to run with your str sac or maybe a water pback dam build with a secondary element for some damage variety.   The masque will play in close proximity to the sac and will benefit from sacrifice while providing shields to the sac. 

I've got my agi sac in 50% res all elements with 4500hp 11/6 with over 1000 combined agi and power.  I used to have a similar strong set which I could help with a set design if you like.  Goodluck
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Probably panda with a tank set, and an agi set for some fights.
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