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By November 24, 2009, 09:12:19

Like osamados they have a purpose of summoning
Enutrofs have a purpose of Shoveling
Enriprisers hacve a purpose of healing
Cras have a purpose of range
Sacriers have a purpose of HP
Eacaflip have a purpose of gambling
Iop has a purpose of storms and knifes
Feca has a purpose of shielding
Srams have a purpose of traps

See All Clases have a purpose so whats up with sacrier?????

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getting in the way, and getting others out of the way

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mattgewe|2009-11-24 09:12:00
Sacriers have a purpose of HP

You said it yourself ? ...

Health Points , highest health characters, Sacrificing them self and taking damage for others.
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Sacrier is a tank.

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1. Tanking/locking

Nimble punishment gives sacs the highest locking potential in game, whilst dissolution allows us to tank as much as we can and stay alive (hopefully)

2. BFM (Battlefield Manipulation)

Cooperation, Transposition, Attraction, Swap, and even Sacrifice can all be used to get your allies/enemies right where you need them to be

3. Keeping allies alive

Sacrifice allows a sacrier to potentially take damage for their entire team, whilst Life Transfer allows them to heal their allies

4. Buffing allies

Pain Shared- at level 6, a potential 120% damage buff to allies, 130% on a crit, can stack for 5 turns, giving a whacking great 600/650% damage to the targeted ally/allies. Pairs VERY nicely with Iop's Wrath and Cra's Atonement Arrow, since they have huge (when charged) base damages, but really it's brilliant on almost any class.

5. Damage

A sacrier can deal insane damage when fully buffed, admittedly at the cost of a large quantity of hp, and can hit huge numbers with punishment under the right conditions, making them very useful for taking out big hp monsters.

There's 5, anyone think of any more?

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Sacrier are to take many damage I mean they have so much hp, thier punishment spells are effective when they are hit or when they have half thier spell if they are to use the spell called "Punishment", they take hit for thier team, their name are similar to the word "sacrifice". I hope this helped.


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