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Newcomer needs build help.

By December 03, 2009, 00:32:24

Right now, I'm a level 7 Sacrier, none of my skill points and stat points spent into anything~

Great, so, I'm kinda stuck as to what build to use, and the Dofus Wikia is apparently outdated, and I would get better help from asking the forums. :x

Anybody have any idea on a build for me?

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Bump? D:

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I say your choice depends mostly on how long are you planning to stick to the game, and what role you'll like to play the most:

Agility - moves around easily, locks enemies, good for both PvP and PvM, relatively low damage though until you reach high levels and get 1/2 crits on some good daggers.

Strength - biggest damage early on and big sword damage at late levels, good for PvM, less efficient at PvP

Chance - stays alive very well thanks to life steals, great for PvM due to area attacks

Int - better life steal, but from single target, at later levels can serve as a tank/healer (with one of the healing wands), better for PvP than pure chance

The easiest starting build is to go strength (lvl sacrier's foot and forced punishment) for pretty decent damage, but if you can hold out to lvl 21 without using spell points you can go chance (max dissolution and bold punish) for area damage and good life steals.

At very high levels you'll see mostly Agi sacriers (most popular build), various chance/int agi/cha and agi/int hybrids made mainly for PvM, and rarely some pure str sacs for PvM and pure int sacs for PvP.

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You'll find that spending points in Vitality is a good route to take, as the soft caps (the number of points it takes to raise Vitality) for Vitality are greater than any other class.

If this is your very first character, a Strength build is quite straightforward and simple; this will help you learn the game mechanics so that if you choose, you may start another character later on.


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Or you can put it on strength AND vitality and have your stats reset later if you dont like how it turns out smile

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