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agi sacriers

By fireweaver September 05, 2010, 17:51:15
im a lvl 122 agi sac,but i dont no what his equips can someone please tell me his set and the sets ill bee needing from now to lvl 140 because i level very fast i was thinking lord of rats set??,thank you. laugh
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Hm i'm a 157 sac and this is my agi set:
Solomonk - Cape Intaineflam - Black rat belt - Gelano - Drakei Amulet - Agi pet (90 ofc :3)
Harry boots - Ice daggers - Dragon pig ring =P
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120-140 set =/= lvl 157 set
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solomonk, manics, dp ring, crit gelano, whatever agi boots or crit boots, black rat belt, and legendary crackler cape. whatever you pet you prefer
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but is the ceremonial rat set any good? at that lvl
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If your playing an agi sacri, dont use the ceremonial set, its for an intell/agi hybrid char, youll need to have 1/2 crits with dags, custom set such as the one mentioned above is the best way to go.
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I would do...

Yes the level says 160, but the set can be equipped at 12X !
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