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Dragon pig set?

By Houdeani - SUBSCRIBER - September 07, 2010, 21:42:37

I'm a lvl 83 sacrier trying to aim for ancestral set at lvl 114. However, I wanted to solo mastogobs at frigost at an earlier level. Would I be able to do it with Dragon pig set with kaiser replaced by axel + gelano? The 9 ap is so that you can do nimble + bold + vital in the first turn. Thanks to anyone who can provide feedback.

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I dont suggest soloing mastogobs at all, there are much easier exp sources for lvl 100 sacrier, the rats in frigost village, boowolfs + lowest lvl trools, big groups at otomai beach, poachers at pandala forest and PvP if you're on very active server.

and tbh I dont even think soloing mastogobs'd be possible under lvl 121

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you shouldnt solo mastos... you get shit exp. much better if in a group around 400s or 500s. there are lots of mobs around that lvl or do ^^ for solo or group stuff. white rat isnt bad exp either but getting a group takes forever.

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You can solo Mastogobs with either DP or Anc. All you need are Nimble Punishment, Bold Punishment, and Dissolution levelled (Nimble should be 6 before you start, the others you can level from 5 to 6 when you get the level req but your margin for error is very small until 121 and you will die if they start in certain orientations or even just get a little lucky with their crits). In fact, any 8AP/4MP set with decent vit should work (although 9 or 10AP makes the Venerable Mastogobs easier to fight).

As was stated, the xp/time is better in a group with at least level 350-500. But since you CAN kill the Mastogobs it should be easy to find some leeches.

A couple pointers if you have no experience with Mastogobs:
1. Locking the enemies is important so they don't attack you but once each per turn. Therefore, you need Nimble Punishment. However, each Mastogobbly hitting you lowers your agi by 200. Therefore, it is best to avoid the Mastogobblies (they only attack in melee and have 4MP so it's really easy) for a turn or two while the other enemies hit you to charge up your agility and preserve the lock.
2. The Mastogob Warrior's melee attack gives you 300% weakness to a random element, which lasts until the end of your turn. You really ought to try to avoid getting hit in the space after the Warrior's turn and before your turn. On most maps you can run to an edge or corner and minimize the problem if the Warrior goes directly after you.

If the Warrior goes right before you, you don't need to worry about this if you have him locked. Unless, however, if on your turn you are weak to water, watch out for the Mastogob's reflect spell. There's nothing like hitting yourself for 1000 with Dissolution.

EDIT: Wanted to add that Marwen is right about Frigost town mobs being faster and easier exp for solo. You should probably do non-mastogobs until 121 because otherwise you will die a lot.

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