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Sacrier's Strongest Element

By xAfflictionx#1359 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - October 28, 2010, 07:40:28
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omnis have every spell lvled so it doesn't count. They are all builds together but they can't do more damage than strength for example.
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i am a level 50 Sacrier i really would like some help in what element i should use i got a mushroom set so my Agiliti is at the Power of 300 but i really feel still weak i mean in 1v1 satuation ow my god i am about to Finish everyone's Life
but i can't say much with dungeons that have those gang bang over you :/
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Well, after the recent nerf the Sacrieur became fairly weak in all elements. I see that you continued to level up your Cra, so you probably found out yourself already. I'd recommend to keep on with it, cause you have the ability to play any element you want and it's all fun and strong. (Don't count on it, that it'll stay this way though.^^)

In regards to the Sacrieur (After a 2 day waiting period, I played my 19x Int-Sac extensivly in the new update.) and all I can say it's terrible. I feel super weak now. Yes I'm fairly unkillable, but at the same time I can't kill anything, it takes so much time. It's good when I have some hard hitters with me, then I can turn into some sort of an super weak eni and an utility tool. I like helping out.
Tanking is ok, as long as you don't use your self damaging spells or buffs, because then you also fight against erosion. And this is a fight you can't win.

You already discovered that Agility is "strong" in pvp, I came to the same conclusion. Saw some decent performances with it. Based on the ability to lock and dodge but also Hemorrhage has a higher dmg-base then its respective Int counterpart Absorbtion and a more than one time use than Ravages. You also can jump through walls with Light Speed, how awesome is that?! Strength has its merits too, because of Blood Bath's aoe and the ability to heal on your own sword and cawott and also a lot of weapon choices. 2 times Blood Bath and 1 time Ravages seems to be the stable standard move. You can also carry a lot.
The gameplay became so boring now, it's hard to stay awake while playing.
I have not seen any Water-Sacris lately. It doesn't look so well.

In pvm a Str/Int Hybrid would give you the best chances in my opinion. Bus as you need to stack ressistances in your element (and Neutral too, if you want to use your buff) to counter the self afflicting dmg, its fairly tough (expensive) to do right.

Overall it's not looking to bright.

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