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[UPDATED] A Guide For Strength Sacriers

By XehanordHeartless#8093 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - November 08, 2010, 17:13:08

~ Introduction~

Sacriers are tanks and map manipulators. Our vitality allows us to take hits for the team and our punishment spells give us stats for any damage taken. Our map manipulation consists of attracting and switching places. In this guide I'm going to cover the Pure Strength Build which takes advantage of our potentially high stats and combines them with the use of weapons in order to deal damage. I really want to point out that since we rely on weapons and there are not many good weapons early on, this build is mostly going to be succesful from lvl 100 onwards. I also suggest to change to a hybrid build after lvl 190 or so since most good weapons in that level range are multi elemetal and there are more sets available for such builds.

~ Stats ~

Rate --------------1:2 ----- 1:1 ------- 2:1 ------- 3:1 ------- 4:1--------- 5:1-----

Vitality -----------1~∞ ---------------------------------------------------------------

Wisdom ------------------------------------------ 1~∞ -------------------------------

Strength -----------------------------------------1~100 ---- 101~150 ---- 151~∞

Intelligence -------------------------------------1~100 ---- 101~150 ---- 151~∞

Chance ------------------------------------------1~100 ---- 101~150 ---- 151~∞

Agility -------------------------------------------1~100 ---- 101~150 ---- 151~∞

As you can see all stats but vitality are too expensive and easily negligible take into consideration our punishment spells. Vitality has the best ratio in the game and we need it to take the hits for the team and survive long enough to get buffed and start dealing some serious damage. This is going to be our only characteristic point investement. Pump this stat forever and scroll your other stats.


Forced Punishment

After casting Forced Punishment you'll be getting strength for the same amount of damage taken in the following 5 rounds.This is how we can deal extremely high damage. Be aware that there is a limit on the amount of strength we can get per round. Leveling the spell allows for more strength per round so level it ASAP.

Sacrier's Foot

This is our main offensive spell. It deals earth type life steal damage in an area of effect and also reduces our targets' dodge stat.

Nimble Punishment

Another punishment spell, nimble punishment increases the agility stat. You'll be using this a lot since Sacriers need agility in order to lock things in place,move freely and therefore tank and manipulate the map more effectively.


Attraction is probably the most used map manipultion spell. It attracts our target helping us to counter our lack of range disadvantage.


Another map manipulation spell, swap allows us to change places with anything next to us for a very low ap cost. It can be used to position monsters for area of effect attacks, to position allies for buffs or to just ignore monsters which stand in the way and block line of sight. It can only be cast once per target per turn.


Cooperation is the bread and butter of all Sacrier builds. It allows us to change places with an enemy in range. It can be used to get close to a target, to get away from danger, to trap your enemy or to bring a target closer to your group in order for your teammates to blitz it and much more.


Basically Cooperation but can only be cast on allies. It's great when you want to get an ally out of danger or when you want to get yourself or an ally of yours in range.


Sacrifice allows us to take the hits that would normaly be dealt to our allies for a number of turns. Situational spell, be careful when using this especially when sacrificing many allies at once.


Punishment deals more damage the closer you are to half of your life. It's damage is based on your full life and the max amount of damage it can deal is 30% of it. It's a situational nuke spell but nevertheless useful.


While a water type damage spell, Fury gives +damage for many turns in exchange for an extra amount of damage taken with every hit. Best used when we can't reach our target and we know they can't hit us. This effect of this spell is best shown when using weapons which hit multiple times.

Flying sword

Our only summon. This guy will head to the closest enemy and deal earth type life steal damage. It has many mp and it can be used in combination with Transposition in order to get closer to your target.

Blood Thirsty Madness

This is our level 100 spell. It allows us to steal a fixed amount of hp from an ally. Best used with summons when you can't reach your target and you are low on hp.

Pain Shared

This is our special class spell. What this does is basically increase the power stat of our allies when they get hit. Useful spell but low on our priority list.

Non-class spells

These spells are not class dependant and they can be obtained with various ways, mostly by exchanging items with certain npcs.


It's basically a small static block with hp. We'll be using this as a line of sight block, in combination with Transposition so we can reach our target or get away safely, or to regain a little bit of life via Blood Thirsty Madness.

Leek Pie

A 2 ap low damage spell. Most useful with the +damage buffs from fury. It's best used to clear low hp monsters or spend your remaining ap when not in range.

Summoning of Chaferfu

Summons a chaferfu which hits both allies and enemies. Best used to gain hp via Blood Thirsty Madness.

Weapon Skills

These can greately increase the amount of damage we can deal with a weapon and therefore we'll be using them a lot.


The first thing you will want to check out is the weapon. As a strength Sacrier your build is based around weapon spamming and therefore your weapon is your most important piece of equipment. See the weapon section below for tips on how to choose a weapon. The next thing you will want to check out is whether you will be using a full set or not. I suggest to check the dofus wiki set section out and see if there is any set that gives you the required ap,strength,life,agility and +damage. Most of the time a full set won't take all the equipment slots (a few rare cases are: the Terrdala set, the Bwork Chief Set, the Black and White Rat sets and the Moowolf set). In such cases you will want to choose the remaining custom pieces with the highest amount of desired stats possible. You should also be careful when choosing a set if the weapon has stat conditions.
Be creative and don't necessarily go with the norms !

Advisable Sets:

Bwork Chief Set - lvl 100
White Rat Set - lvl 109
Ancestral Set - lvl 114
Moowolf Set - lvl 143
Funguset - lvl 181
Fuji Snowfoux Set - lvl 195
Brouce Boulgoure Set - 198

~ Weapons ~

Look for the weapons with the highest amount of base damage per ap for your level and see if you can get them to 1/2 critical hits. You will find out that with different ap, the effectiveness of certain weapons change. For instance , with 9 ap, most 3 ap weapons are going to be more effective than either 4 or 5 ap weapons since you'll be able to hit 3 times. With 10 ap, most of the time you'll be dealing more damage with 5 ap weapons because they tend to deal more average damage with 2 hits than 3 ap weapons deal with 3. With 12 ap, 3 and 4 ap weapons tend to be the best since they can hit 4 or 3 times accordingly while 5 ap weapons can only hit 2.

You can check my weapon tables topic here. It lists the average base damages of all weapons from lvl 100 onwards and helps you to compare which weapons deal the most damage in which situations.


An Earth Bwak for the strength.
A Pink Dragoone for the wisdom.
And for the PvPers, a few Croums for the resistances.

*every pet has a favorite area where it gains a boost to it's stats.


The best type for Sacriers is the Emerald/Ginger since it gives 1 mp and 300 vitality which are both very vital to the Sacrier.

~PVP tips ~

For 1v1 PvP try to equip 1 handed weapons so you can use shields. Focus on life, ap, resistances (especially resistances!), +damages and critical hits for your sets.
Spam summons and use them in combination with transposition and attraction to get close to your target. Use fury when not in range and try to use Punishment if possible. Get resistances pets and change them depending on the enemy.


Your journey on the World of Twelve has just barely began!

~Vincent-Terra [Solar]
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Score : 1488
not too bad. i like it.
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Score : 4009
i wouldnt say gobbal dungeon for a sac but overall nice guide
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Score : 2363
do u have a chance sac lvling guide ? = ]
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Score : 11200
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faresthedarkness|2010-11-10 04:29:00
do u have a chance sac lvling guide ? = ]

Pretty much the same leveling spots apply. Btw. Very nice guide xehanord. Hopefully more people will make str sacs smile
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Score : 2135
Haha atm my sac is cha/agi and adding in str. Guess i was lazy, but nice guide some of my friends r starting str sacs from scratch, doing/using some of the same ideas as yours. Nice to know people aren't all int and cha, kinda like they took over.

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Score : 1408
I just made a strength sacrier a week ago on Zatoishwan.. Migrated from Solar.. I heard that strength sacrier is really strong later on in its levels.. Thanks Xehanord for this sacrier guide... Im sure to follow it because I know that you have a lot of experience as a sacrier...
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Score : 221
DoonKan|2010-11-10 16:02:00
Haha atm my sac is cha/agi and adding in str. Guess i was lazy, but nice guide some of my friends r starting str sacs from scratch, doing/using some of the same ideas as yours. Nice to know people aren't all int and cha, kinda like they took over.


I'm agi! ;;
Ty for the guide; I never tried str because of the lack of range (I know, it's a sac) but bow seems appealing ^^


gobbal dung can be done quite efficiently if you do the first rooms with a ranged char to make it fast (namely a cra or a sadida for the area damage) and solo the last room. One can never have too many gobbal horns and salivas, sooner or later, everyone wants to try a new class and scroll wis and agi on level 1 is appealing
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Score : 3
at the moment i have a alrond sac and i need help levaling (ps i'm lev 43) his name is nekon cool
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Score : 3305
dragon2143|2010-11-19 08:18:00
at the moment i have a alrond sac and i need help levaling (ps i'm lev 43) his name is nekon cool

Alron sac?
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Score : 3
I had no idea I made this comment smh 
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Score : 413
Is a str Sac good for a f2p?
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Score : 11200
PvP Tips and Hints were added.
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another good use of sacrifice in team pvm is to ensure your stats get significantly boosted every turn by casting BTM on the sacrificed allies. sacrificing allies who can do minor damage to themselves with low ap cost like eni (draining word) or iop (mutilation) is better than on ones that cant. they can easily swap place back and forth to make the best map manipulation use of the spell. beware, it is best to use it with the team you normally hang out with since in random recruits, some people might not understand what you're trying to do and mess up team strategy yet call you a noob ;D
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Score : 11200
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Score : 79
if you mainly play in a team and have teammates that have lower resist than you, you'll usually find yourself not getting atked by monsters as often if they can reach others with lower resist. especially in a large group where damage is more distributed to group members instead of directed at you only. or in maps where you start far away from the enemy, you can get yourself buffed while reaching them or waiting for them to come to you.

i mostly do not get attacked 200 damage every turn, in fact, i rarely get atked 200 damage every turn unless we fight frigost mobs. apart from the perks of getting buffed, BTM is another effective alternative to swap place with sacrificed allies. it costs 2ap, 1ap at level 6, and has roughly the same range as leek pie (depend on levels of both spells) and most importantly, it requires no LOS, which at times is the only option.

ps. it's not an idea. i am not throwing ideas out there. it is what i experienced and what i do everyday. this spells combo is proved very useful to me and my team, thus i would like to share.
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XehanordHeartless|2010-11-08 08:13:00
Chief Bwork Set is really nice too since it will give you a nice amount of str/agi/vit and with a gelano you'll have an automatic 10 ap when you reach lvl 100.

Actually, you made a mistake there, the set and gelano only add up to 9 ap at level 100+

Take a look at the entire set bonus here
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Score : 799
He made no mistake. When he was level 100, it was before 2009 and chief bwork set gave 2 ap. But then in this changelog chief bwork got nerfed.
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