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190 + 10 ap set for pandawa

By DashPlay May 07, 2011, 12:19:22


I recently changed my pandas set from moowolf to 8 ap set (funguset, solomonk, berserker bworker parts and kukri kura). After I changed set, I realized that I need 10 ap with good range. I could use moowolf set now, but if I'm going to Frigost 2 dungeons, I need a set upgrade. So my question is: What equips could I use to get 10 ap? I don't have access to an ochre.
Is 2*omg bands the only way? I'm looking for good stats, high vitality, good output damage from weapon (i think i'll use root well when I get a turq) and pp is a good thing to havewink
Btw I'm lvl 194.

Thanks in advance.

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Up until you can wear full Sucker set, there is probably little that can replace the omg or an MP Gelano or similar to get to 10 AP without Ochre. For staff, however, you should look at Mush Minish. Even though it is harder to crit and the crit bonus is lower, overall damage output is a lot higher (8dmg/AP vs 11dmg/AP). Given the fact that your set will have quite a few +dmg, Mush Minish will win the race by a large margin.

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im rocking fuji, kralomansion, gelano (switching it for omg shortly), anium ligature and a low turq on my panda.
Depending which gelano i use that equates to 10 ap , 5/6 mp, +5 range, and 1/2 everything .
Root well crits easily break 800 damage, sick axe crits for about 800 as well (the heal component is amazing on crits for this axe). Im pretty sure unless i can manage 1/2 all with the ap/mp i have in Episode 3 sets this is what ill be using for ever lol.

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