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[Guild] Southern Cross looking for new players!

By AshalindWolf - SUBSCRIBER - May 13, 2015, 06:24:52

Southern Cross is a small, family-like guild with mostly Australian players as it's founding members. Most of us met through playing Wafku (where we had a guild of the same name), but we decided to return to Dofus.
We are interested in helping new players (however few there may be on this server) find their feet and grow with us. The guild is currently level 6 and we have a house with shared chest.

Activities we can help with:

  • Help gearing lower level characters
  • Mat farming
  • Running Lvl. 1-100 dungeons
  • Completing tricky quest lines

If this sounds like the place for you, whether you are just starting out, trying a new server or a returning player, then PM Ashalind in game or send me an Ankabox message.

No level requirement. No location requirement.
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Hello, I am an Australian player and really haven't seen many others online!

I have 3 alts and can put one of them in?

Inbox me~Newbreed

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Absolutely! Good to play with some others in the same time zone. smile 

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Hey, I just started playing couple days ago, mind if I join?

In game name is: Ferre-Azotes

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Hey there! I started playing a couple of months ago, and I have a hard time meeting, well, anyone. I'd be grateful if I could join a guild and meet a few players.

My name is Mimiraroo, and I usually get on anywhere from 8 A.M. to 10 A.M. Dofus time. (Don't ask me to convert that, I really suck with time zones.)
I usually attempt to get on daily, but I'm pretty erratic with what days I hop on, so I hope that won't be a problem!

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