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Selling many agility items, and some strength ones

By WolfMeistah February 02, 2010, 04:29:22

I am selling a Mad Tofu Cloak, 1 MP 41 agility, 25 str 25 vit 2 crit pirate amulet, A full white scara set with a agi maged scara helm, a full tofu set, 23 str treeboots, a full tofu set, with a cape that gives 3+ dmg, a 18 agility maged arachnoring, a ghost of a 34 agility bow meow, a 12 str fortifying ring, and 1 vit gobtubby. I'm also buying an Int gobball set, and a good mental ring, and some other int items.

Pm me on Qras-Fury, Home-Dizzle, or Agility-Thang

You can also pm Intelligent-Summonz now, and the elorie daggers, mad tfou cloak, tofu cloak and helmetofu are gone

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