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Young Adventurer Set?

By April 30, 2011, 22:11:53

What's the cost of each of the equipment for the young adventurer set?
Im looking in Incarnam and Astrub City.

Thanks =)

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It varies on the server you are on. For Rosal it should cost you about 20kk (20,000). I would suggest that if you are an int or str build just go for gobball set. It has a ap bonus, which is rare for the lvl, and gives some nice stats if you can find a maged set.

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even if the gobball set is maged (which raises the cost by a stupid amount), it still cant provide the 40-50+ wisdom the adv set can.and at those levels, the wisdom outweighs the benefits of other stats. this could be for an alt as well, which means the wisdom is what he's looking for anyways. but yes, the price will vary depending on the server you're on.

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