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Is dofus worth returning to?

By ownage-pwnagetwo - SUBSCRIBER - September 25, 2012, 05:24:38

I have took a break from Dofus two months ago due to school;Breaks are coming up and stuff and I'm really clueless if Dofus is really worth returning to. I remember being really bored of the game with nothing to do besides zaap sit. So here is some basic information about me.
1. Cra
2. Server is Rosal
3. Guildless probably
4. Need a sufficient leveling buddy.

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What do you mean, "nothing to do but zaap sit"? There's plenty to do in the game. There's monsters to defeat, dungeons to conquer, and quests to complete. There's Dopples to take down, Almanax pages to collect, the Kolosseum to challenge, and Frigost to clear.

If all you remember about the game is sitting in one room doing nothing, then of course you remember being bored. Get out of that one room and PLAY the game.

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If you were absent for just two month - what do you expect? The game is still the same as is was back then.
I can think of very few things that you may find worth to mention:
1) they nerfed Cras a bit
2) a bunch of people moved from Aermine to Rosal
3) in case you are lowlevel then you may find amusement in doing the daily dolmanax quest (it is always the same thing; bring an item to the npc)

To cut it short: If you were just sitting at zaaps two month ago then you will most probably be sitting at zaaps nowadays.

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I find the best way to enjoy Dofus is to find a group of friends that you enjoy doing stuff with.

If it wasn't for half the friends I have on Dofus I probably would have quit ages ago.

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Possible welcomeback! Buddy!

And yes, in my opinion it is worth while; help contribute to the Frigost ep 3 update. biggrin


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If you were bored then, you will probably be bored now. I went through 1.5 years of basically paying for 8 accounts, just to zaap sit, because I thought I still liked the game when I really hated it tongue

Unless you're coming back, already having friends to play with and keep you entertained, I don't see it working out well for you.

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