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Nubcake reporting for duty!

By November 29, 2012, 02:47:55
Just posting my "Hi all, I'm literally new here."

I'm on Zato, a friend suggested it.
I've made a Sacrier so far, and haven't gotten much time in, but will do what I can.

I am considering the other classes since I haven't tried them, originally wanted to make a Sram. Wound up liking the design of the Sac, If you have any suggestions feel free to throw them up. I'm loving the grid based tbb(turn based battle) style happy way different from what I'm used to (Ragnarok, PWO, Rift, and so on) but I loved the feel of playing my character like myself so.

My MMO'ing has been influenced by things like Sword Art online and .Hack.
I'm honest and generally outgoing, though I do get moody sometimes. I try to learn quick (Though I still haven't quite settled on a build yet, too many unknowns) Advice would be appreciated.

Fan of both pvm and pvp.

Hope to see you all soon

Much love
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First let me say welcome to Dofus ^-^. I personally like this game because to me it seems more stratagy based then most mmos. Your character choice of sacrier was actually good because they can both pvp and pvm with any build you choose. Sacrier can be strength,intelligence,agility, and chance based BUT you only put your characteristic points into vitality. Sacs because they put all their points into vitality can change what stat they are very often; they just have to reset spells. i reccomend if your pre level 31 to get an adventurer set and trying out chance, agility, and strength to see what type you want to progress as. ill also say a little bit about each type.

Strength: very common early on gets less common later on. their main spell of damage hits right in front of you then 1 square to the left and right of the square in front of you (kinda confuseing sorry). they regen decently but I have never plaid a strength sacrier so I can't say for how good they are in pvm or pvp

Agility: I would say agility is that strongest PvPer imo but probably the weakest pvmer of sacriers; Not saying agi is bad at PvM or any other type of sac is bad at PvP im just compairing to the other sacrier types. Agility sac tends to be very expencive though probably (other then multi-type) the most expencive.

Intelligence: I have honestly never used it but its imo the middle of the sacriers. it pvps good and it pvms good but its pvp tends to be weaker then agi and its pvm is weaker then chance. requires 8 ap or more. I have never used intell so I can't say for sure but I dont see many pure intell sacs anymore I only see int/cha or int/agi hybrids.

Chance: the chance sac is excellent at pvm and can be good at 3v3 kolos but does not excell at 1v1 pvp.
this sac is the best pvm of the 4 types you can play as but also probably the weakest 1v1 pvper. you will need to get 8 ap asap as this type of sac to fully utalize its potential.

* there are a couple things that are common typed in dofus that mean something elts so ill type a few below*


I would try to tell you how to make kamas but im in rosal and our market could be completely different. What i say is worth 10000 kamas could be worth 1000 kamas in your server. The professions farmer and baker (combo but start with farmer first) or lumberjack tend to be common professions for newer players.
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