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Returning nub player on Rosal!!!!!

By BigMacson November 13, 2014, 16:15:55

Hello everyone!
I've played dofus last year but then lost interest due to my friends leaving and the guild i was in dying. So now after a long year break, i'm deciding to play dofus again and continuing from my level 33 nub osamodas. If anyone got any tips for me or anything helpful to refresh my mind about this game please feel free to add me on: Handorn. biggrin 

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A level 33 is considered very low at this time.

You can start a new character and get it to level 50 easily, at any time.
There is achievements that help you a lot in getting more experience, and help you level faster.

A lot of things changed, and i think everything is easier for new and low level players, and i think you can get good help nowadays.

In my opinion choose a server like Rushu.
Better population, and very active.

Create a new character in rushu, the class you choose is your choice.
Do a research about each character and what changed, and what tactics are used now.
You can find the one that suits you best ,

for example:

IOP : Damage dealer
Cra : Range fighter
Osa summoner and support
etc ......

You have many choices and way of play, the one that suits you best, would be the most you will have fun with.
And ofc, each class have many builds, and Diversity, so the element you choose also changes the way you play in general.

Don't hesitate to create a new character in a more populated server and more active.
You will get higher levels in no time.

There is many guilds, and alliances , and i think you will find easy a new guild to get help.
And ofc have more fun while playing.

Experience is easier now, so don't worry about that

And ofc Find a way to make kamas, so you get more advantage to buy sets and equips to help you out while you are leveling.
I would say Farmer / Baker , would be most easy and will make you good kamas in the early stages.

And Good luck.

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Why does everyone always imply that Rosal is dead? It's the server with the second highest population in the international community, only eclipsed by Rushu. There's no need to move away from Rosal simply because Rushu has a few more players.

In other words, staayyy wiiitthh mmeee...

Also, it's not as easy as Aily would make you think to reach level 50 in no time. Only those players who've already gotten to the level before and have the necessary knowledge (where and how to level fastest, friends/alts to leech with, etc) can get to level 50 quickly. Level 50 for a player with no resources could take anywhere between a few days to a few months depending on the amount of dedication from the player.

Seeing as you're an Osamodas, you may want to get reacquainted with your class, as it has seen a complete overhaul since you've returned. I'd suggest you check out the wikia or the guides on these forums (I'm not saying this because I'm an author of one of those... Ah who am I kidding)

PM me in game if you want to,
/w Masive
/w Eaz
/w Vrene
/w Einalte
or if I'm offline, I actually do use Ankabox!

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Well actually, i didn't say that Rosal is dead

But, you can practically say that Rosal is being less active day after day.
and i know this because i use to play there and recently i moved to Rushu,

and believe me you wont really notice this unless you move and see with your own eyes.

i played most of my game time in Rosal, and it's been 4-5 month since i moved to Rushu and i saw the amazingly great difference.
All my friends stopped playing, or moved to Rushu for a better life.

Most old players are migrating to Rushu,
( there's ofc still a good amount of people in Rosal )
and things started to be less and less active....

In Rushu you will find more activity, and a huge amount people,

Way better markets, everything always available, cheaper items and resources you need
and the better thing is that everything you put for sale will definitely sell way faster.
So markets are very improved

And with more people playing, you have more teams and groups, to fit with and have a great experience in gameplay
so exp is much easier to find, in all level ranges.

The thing about leveling.

Nowadays it's really easy to level and gain exp.
And probably most people know where to go, and have the best amount.

When a player get to level 50,
Then he can start in Frigost and pretty much the best exp will be available.
From level 50 until 200, all areas offer great diversity and pretty much easy, not to mention the huge amount of souls you can join.
From level 1 to 50 is also easy to get with a good team in a couple of days you can get there.

( and there's many guides to check if you have a problem )

I got my new character to level 60 in 2 hours approximately.
And on double exp bonus day, i got it to lvl 150. ( ofc i have my own team and investment to help ).

I think a new player can get to level 100 in less than a month. ( with low investment )
and with a good team to help and leeshing, witch is always available.

The choice is really yours, i just clarified some info that could be helpful for you, and Rosal isn't really bad but Rushu is better,

and if you decide to start in Rushu i can offer you some help and lead you to the right way.

Anyway good luck smile 
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Thank you very much for the helpful tips, I really appreciate it biggrin For the server thing i think i'm gonna stick to rosal because i'm in a really nice and fun guild. As for the character, I decided to start a new sram, because the chain traps looks insane and op!
Once again I want to thank you guys for these helpful tips.


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You are welcome,

And you did a great choice, you decided what suites you best,
have fun and enjoy your game play,

Good luck.

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Hey there, BigMacson! I'm in the same boat with my level 50, so I added you and you can add me back.
The character's name is Potential-Chaos. Maybe you can let me join your guild and we can level together?!


And if anyone else would like to join us, feel free to add me. Noobs and experienced players alike. I could really use some company. smile 

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