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Need a new guide

By aprilwine June 25, 2015, 14:25:39

I can't find a guide for doing the quests in Incarman. I cannot find the things needed in some of the quests, such as Large Green Leaf and Vine String.

I hear there are new wood too in the game. Where is that please?

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Read what the NPC's say, they tell you exactly where to find it, for example: on that quest the NPC tells you you can find one of the items next to the last Elm in Incaram, so open up your map look for an Elm and go check it out!

Wikia and Guides are made by the community and players, if the Amakna staff would have to make a guide for every part of the game they wouldn't have time to come up with such great new content as the last update had!

Perhaps try the quests and share your foundings in a new guide smile 

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On you can find the quest guides.
It's in French, but they screenshots of literally every step of every quest, so you should be fine.
However I'd encourage you to try them yourself, this is much more enjoyable smile

About the new resources, I don't know where to find them, but at some point the wikia page will get updated with them wink

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Nightshade, that's good advice, reading what the npc say. I will go back and read again.

Good advice from Major too, but I won't even attempt to write a guide as it takes me a long time to figure things out, even when it's in black and white and then I often need help from another player. Just saying....

I don't know where to look for a french screenshot.

I'll ask a guildie.

Thanks for your repliessmile 

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