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Help me with my new babies :)

By -Begin-Again- July 01, 2015, 08:27:47

So I'm, yet again, returning to Dofus to give it another go. However, I'm doing something different this go around (seeing as how I haven't played in about 5 years, alot is different).

I have access to 6 subbed accounts, but I really only want to play 2-4 max. What are some good combinations for PvM content? 2 man team, 3 man, 4 man?

Lastly, I need to choose a server. Please help meh smile 

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Go for a 4 Man team, many combos work, altho basics would be:

Panda(Map mani) Iop(Nuke damage) Eni(Heals)

For the last you should make a choice, a Masq is nice to hold of high endgame damage with shields and it does decent damage as well.
An enu can completely isolate a monster for a couple of turns,unbewitch enemies at range and has some support spells swell
A Rogue can set up a deadly field of mass damage and has some extra map manipulation
An Eca does massive damages and has extra heals
A sram can setup deadly traps and has extra map manipulation
The new Elio is a great support and has nice damage as well, while it can amplify the damage of anything on the battlefield with the portals.
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I think this thread might have some helpful information for you

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As for your server choice, it all depends on what you need. For PvM, smaller servers like Solar and Zatoishwan would be best as less people mean better mobs for XP, loot etc. and gathering professions. Whereas higher population servers generally mean a better PvP experience as there are more people. Servers with the higher populations are Rosal and Rushu.

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