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By Alkevin - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - September 28, 2015, 14:25:01

I decided to give this game a try, but I would like to know what content can I access, since I´m not a subscriber. Thank you.

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You have access as a non-subscriber/Free-To-Play player the following contents:

  • The whole floating island of Incarnam, all of its monsters, quests, resource gathering spots, and its dungeon.
  • The whole city of Astrub (once you leave Incarnam), all of it's markets, workshops, and other facilities.
  • The surrounding areas of Astrub, which includes: Astrub Outskirts, Astrub Meadow, Astrub Fields, Astrub Forest, Tofu Corner as well as the underground area called Astrub Tunnels.
  • Field Dungeon, and Kickroach's Lair. Two dungeons within the Astrub areas.
  • Within all these areas are enough contents to satisfy most of your needs to test the game.
  • All of the monsters in these areas are for you to fight. There are plenty of spots for gathering of different kinds of resources.
Do note that as a non-subscriber, you are limited to 200 messages on the general chat every 24 hours, this does not include group or private chat with whom you and the other participant have added each other to the friendlist.

In addition you are limited to 200 fights every 24 hours as well, and this includes all forms of combat be it for quests or for self-leisure.

By default as a non-subscriber you have access to all 18 professions of this game, however due to your non-subscriber status, by practice you only have access to 13 professions while the remaining professions requires workshops that currently are not available in the non-subscriber areas. Furthermore all professions cannot level up further than level 60 for a non-subscriber. In future case when your subscription period ends and you have a profession over level 60, it will revert back to level 60 until you resubscribe.
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Give it a try with a Week or a month on Suscriber mode, It's an awesome game.

Welcome ! biggrin 

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