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[Rushu] What about the Bot?

By Schr0d1ng3r - SUBSCRIBER - September 17, 2016, 00:47:57

I hope this is the right section: is there some moderator for rushu? All maps are invade by bots and they look like will not be ban however.

Where can i find one moderator for report this disgust?

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I answered another thread just like this a few minutes ago, so allow me to copy and paste that answer...

There are three ways to report bots to the mod team right now.

First is the Ankabox system, accessible from the envelope icon at the top right corner both in-game and on the website. Check here for the list of active moderators (click any name to open Ankabox automatically with the "To" line populated). Be on the lookout for additional names on that list over time, as moderator applications were accepted a few weeks ago and are being processed!

Second, there is a thread here. This thread is to set an appointment for a moderator to find you in-game, you cannot post names of bots directly to the thread.

Lastly, we have a Twitter account @DofusMods_EN. You can tweet bot names directly to this account and we will investigate as soon as time allows. Read here for more information.


All of that said, however, you need to be far more specific than "all maps" when reporting bot activity. Do you have names of bots? Or, at the very least, specific areas/sub-areas you are seeing bot activity more frequently? Times you are seeing these bots is also crucial, as contrary to popular belief bots are not online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Thank you for your answer.
Your right, i'm going to take a screenshot with whois and time commands meanwhile.

I have another question for you: are kamaselling site tollarate? Because i can't go in certain maps without being disturbed by guys who are sponsoring this kind of site.

However, thank you.

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Kama selling websites are absolutely against the rules. Those bots are cleared from their maps on a regular basis.

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Ok, then try to take a look around: i have to use private mode for stop spam while i'm moving through the most populated maps.
However, i'll try to also report this subjects.

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