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up to date leveling guide?

By jimmychan - SUBSCRIBER - January 02, 2017, 16:33:40

Is there any up to date leveling guides? I am on rosal and you pretty much solo if you dont make mills per month to sub a bunch of accounts to run with you :/ but I think that it would be beneficial to every for a level 1-120 guide that is up to date i just got back from a break and fought some pigs and uhhhh.... idk it seems that the game is going for endgame i guess? pigs now have 500+ hp and have lightning attacks ??? thats very strange ... :/ anyways way off topic lets get back on. I have gotten myself to level 38 at gobballs and im a wis/cha cra and I'm not getting good enough exp at gobballs to even really grind there :/ anyways a new guide would be great sorry for stammering on wink thanx in advanced

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Hey there!

For leveling I always do achievements because the xp is pretty great. Particularly exploration achievs, (getting xp for simply running to different places) and dungeon achievs. If you have a sidekick or a friend, you guys can duo/solo quite a lot of the lower lvl dungeons whilst trying to do as many achievs as possible. If you ever need any further help I too am on rosal so message me.

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Rosal here as well. This is something that doesn't really work on the big servers (basically Rushu), but works really well on Rosal still. I've leveled quite a few alts to 60+ this way.

  • Piwi mobs with a lot of stars in the Astrub, Bonta, Brakmar, Amakna Village, Sufokia areas. There tends to be a lot due to the lack of population.
  • Crab mobs in the Kawaii River, Madrestam Harbor areas.
  • Mosquito and Larva mobs in Neutral Pandala (Get 10 Astrub beers before heading to the Pandala bridge, if you haven't before, it'll save you a trip back!)
  • Find lonely Fungi Masters or those bee things around the Cania Fields area.

These alone, along with adventuring around for exploration achievements should get you to 60 easily. If you can manage them, from 40 onward you can also go to the Cemetary of Heroes (next to Bonta). Also if you can manage them, temple dopples are great experience. After that, make your way to Otomai Island and hit the lonely crabs and trees. I would probably avoid the trees and crabs that are more resistant to water attacks, though.

The problem with leveling guides is that they can't really take classes and builds into account. What might be great for a strength iop, might not be so good for a bluff ecaflip, for example. The key here is really to find those things that you can smash through quickly, and not worry too much about the experience (to a certain degree).
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Thanks for the advice guys wink and the only reason i asked for an up-to-date leveling guide is just for generic leveling because of the fact that alot of the monsters are really hard for lower levels... and they changed everything on us hardcore old schoolers.

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Oh thats a good idea when i get home ill work. On a 1.29 and 2.0 leveling. Guide. For each class and builds x)

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wink appreciate it
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Feel free to help out on the Dofus Wiki Leveling Guide, it has recently been started from scratch again.

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what about lousy pigs?

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