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Hi everyone , lvl 64 osma.

By TazoQ February 17, 2017, 16:10:47
Dark vlad server - 27 year old belgian player .

Recently picked up the game with my girlfriend (she played for years since the big patch changes)

Since so much has changed , we feel stuck at this point lvl 60+ content , we feel underpowered towards the bigger creatures we encounter.
She has no clue where to go now before it was just lousy pigs who would give good exp and gear etc.
We did all quests in astrub- dungeon achievements..
But so lost for gear right now?

where should we farm to get some decent set?
**(We do not want to frigost leech)**
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You guys could try to craft some blop sets (level 50 gear) if you aren't using those already (which can be upgraded to royal blop sets at lvl 80), or try working on some professions if you enjoy them

Also, at level 60+, you guys can be using mounts as well, which give pretty nice stats (Emerald Ginger Dragoturkey gives +1 MP & +300 vit, for example)

I heard that the Dark Vlad server isn't very populated. Have you been able to find groups/friends to play with? I always think Dofus is most fun when played with friends :3
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Yeah it isnt populated at all there arent even any recources on the market...

We got mounts already but thanks for the tip!

We are currently still both using Gobbal sets X_X

Will look into blops , thank you!

Seems like an absurd amount of mats u need for a set or is that just me? X)
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It's not just you. Farming for sets take quite some time and effort. I learned the hard way :3
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Try looking up the monsters you two can easily kill and see what common resources have a good price of ~200 kamas. Look into the hunter profession, this way you can add another item to the drop table.

E.g. tofus drop: eggs, feathers, beaks and seeds, sell them in stacks of 100s, then, when you get a decent blop set, start doing daily dopple runs, that will be a great money source.
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