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General Guide: How to Play Dofus

By IAMONEOFAKIND - SUBSCRIBER - May 23, 2017, 09:58:40

I will speak from my personal experience while forming a variety of topics that will go into greater detail then just the basic surface level. When you finish reading the guide, I would like for you to pass this information on to friends that want to learn this game or to anyone that may have interest. This game is very difficult to catch on, but is not impossible as long you stay open minded while learning from your mistakes. I will be working on the guide as much as possible. Enjoy reading.

Table of contents:

1. character and server creation
2. choosing your class
3. picking your name
4. incarnam tutorial
5. activities in incarnam
6. kama making methods
7. merchant mode selling and buying
8. market selling and buying
9. quests and npcs
10. zaaps teleportation
11. dungeons mechanics
12. dofus powers
13. trophy abilities
14. achievements' opportunities
15. using chat features
16. making friends the right way
17. starting your first profession
18. basic maging
19. the power of runes
20. choosing a guild
21. making a guild
22. recruiting members for guild
23. choosing an alliance
24. forming an alliance
25. idols uses
26. what is leeching?
27. sell and buying ogrines
28. kolossium solo and team modes
29. perceptors and alliance prisms modes
30. how koth works (king of the hill)
31. healer, undertaker, and sentinel
32. bonta and brakmar wings
33. basic foundation of pvping
34. single and multi accounting
35. spectating a fight
36. treasure hunting
37. portal hunting
38. nugget farming
39. dragoturkey, petsmount, and pet
40. almanax offerings
41. how to use a workshop bench?
42. owning a house
43. public paddock use
44. haven bag
45. public bank
46. sidekicks
47. how to move on any map
48. crafting and maging fee
49. how to list yourself on craftsbook
50. what are monster waves?
51. learning good behavior and sportsmanship
52. what are emotes?
53. how to be a teamplayer in pvp or pvm
54. where can I go when f2p?
55. making kamas as f2p possible?
56. what are livitinems, alyverols, parasymbics, and mimiymbics?
57. what are seemyool harnesses?
58. where can i find the profession craftbook?
59. where can i find the perceptor craftbook?
60. monster aggression counters
61. what each stat represents on your character?
62. what are ornaments and titles?
63. shield abilities
64. what are souls?
65. how to manage a guild?
66. how to manage a alliance?
67. world map
68. dealing with percent off buyers
69. becoming a percent off buyer
70. how to use trade chat in multiple ways
71. gaining level multipliers
72. how to place a perceptor or prism
73. bonuses of a perceptor or prism
74. how to deal with insults and trashtalking
75. two set bonuses versus full set bonuses
76. frigost dungeons order
77. learning how average prices work
78. how to marry someone?
79. benefits of a marriage
80. how to do a dopple run
81. making your game experience smoother
82. what is heroic server game mode?
83. what is epic server game mode?
84. what equipment am i able to drop
85. special areas to take note
86. what each market represents
87. hidden recipes
88. how to harvest a resource efficiently
89. how to heal up after a fight
90. how to heal up at high level after a fight efficiently
91. drills and carriers
92. life after death
93. recycling items
94. market places
95. requesting crafting or maging services
96. what are bots?
97. bunch of keys
98. signature runes
99. same monster with long names
100. special conquest areas


1. character and server creation

When you finish making your account on the main website, the first thing you want to do is launch the client then hit play. Few moments later, you will see a big earth globe which represents your journey and countless adventures the game offers. Once it finishes to 100%, you are greeted with a warm welcome to dofus page. In the first box type your account name, second box type your password, then hit play. You will then be asked to choose a unique nickname that people will see you by when they add you on friends list or hit your information with the slash whois command. We'll dive into that a little later.

You will see three boxes with the option to select epic, classic, and heroic. Make sure you pick classic which has a female sadida conjuring magic by raising her arms into the air. You can't miss it as it automatically refers you to this choice. Once you hit select, you're probably thinking what is the name of the server? Do I belong to the right community? What is the main language of the server?

There are about 38 servers with many different nationalities and languages, but only 1 official English server with the name being Echo. If you're trying to play the game when you live in Asia, you may have some difficulties. For that, you may want to contact ankama support while providing as much information as possible describing your situation. There will soon be 10 servers so it will be easier to know where you really belong.

When you want to create another character, you will see your existing characters that you own. You must look to the bottom right of your screen where it says create a new char. When you want to try another server like heroic or epic, make sure you are on the screen where it shows you have characters on Echo. On the bottom right, you will see it say manual server selection. I highly recommend you not to try out those 2 special servers until you gain enough knowledge from playing on a normal server like Echo.

2. choosing your class

There are 18 classes that you're able to choose from. You should ask yourself these questions when deciding on your choice. What is my playstyle? Will I be able to play this class for a long time? What interests me at first sight? They are important to take note of because the more you know what you want to be the more easier it is to know what goals you will be working towards.

The beginning of the class list shows Iop while the last one is Xelor. From left to right, you will notice the difficulty level from one to three stars which means the likeliness of learning that class really short or long period of time.

Each class will show you three roles that defines who they are and what to expect. Make sure to take note of that because it makes it that much easier to know what you want. Take your time to read all of the spells' abilities without skipping by clicking the green button find out more.

I won't tell you what class to pick or that would be bias. Pick one you show a lot of interest in and try your best to commit to it. That way you are more likely to find your true happiness while evolving to become a better player as time goes on.

When you choose a class, usually you start out as a male. If you wish to switch your gender, look to the left of the Iop' s picture and you will see 2 arrows. The top one represents male while the bottom one represents female. One you figure out what you want, hit the button choose this class.

Now this all about your standard outer appearance. You are given 8 choices for your character' s face. Just remember you're only able to pick one, so take your time to think about it. We now move to your colors. Below the faces, you will see 5 boxes. Each one represents an area of your character's body. Play around with the color rainbow spectrum by clicking on the color shade. You also have the option to generate random colors for all 5 boxes. You will see that option left of the reset button.

3. picking your name

When you are making your name, you want to be aware of all the rules and restrictions so you waste less time realizing that it won't let you play the game until you change it properly. Hover your mouse over the question mark, there are about ten rules you have to follow no matter what.

If you find yourself terrible at thinking of a name, hit the green button near the question mark which will generate random names for you that are not taken as long you keep clicking on it. The main problem with this feature having zero originality. The name generator fires out names that make no sense at all, so consider it your very last option. Bots users usually use this feature as they never interact with real players. You don't want to remembered sounding like a bot, but someone with a real purpose.

When picking a name, it really helps to have great imagination and creativity. A person in game will eventually talk to you and you'll want it to be either memorable, funny, meaningful, or something that defines you for who you are whether it is in game or something in real life that relates to you.

The length of your name usually determines what theme you want to show to others. A person with a short one word name is going to be easy to remember and have more potential to be a particular object. A person with a three word name has the ability to make a really funny phrase or a powerful short quote.

Think of one character trait or personality that you believe showcases you. If you are funny; then laughter, comedian, and joker would fit well. If you are competitive in everything you do; then aggressive, achiever, an fearless would fit well.

One thing to never do is combine a word with another word that have zero relation to the other. This means you should never force words together to invent something that doesn't harmonize.

To summarize the purpose of finding the right name. Find what it is important to you, what you are able to relate and understand, and stay true to yourself. Press the button play when you finish finding your name. You will start your journey in the world of twelve even though there are 18 classes.

4. incarnam tutorial

Your journey begins as a young trainee in incarnam. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the world you were brought in. You have two options on how you want to begin the game. The first option involves leaving the tutorial by closing the gray box on the top right corner, not the green one. If you are new to the game, your last option is staying in the tutorial to know what the game mechanics will be all about.

Talk to Joris by left clicking on his figure. Take note when you see a green question mark above their head, means the person has some important things to talk to you about.

If you want to take the game by heart, take your time to read the dialogue then respond by choosing the options they list for you.

When you click continue your apprenticeship. He makes you open your character''s inventory to make you put on a novice ring. The reason for this is he wants you to learn how the equip gear you will be making, receiving, or dropping throughout your journey.

Few seconds later, he politely asks you to change maps. You will be moving maps all the time. Move your mouse cursor until you see a bright green arrow then click gently to proceed.

He makes you kill a wolf by telling you how to use your 3 spells or weapon to finish the target. You click on the spell in your list then pick a cell where you want to fire the animation. You'll see the wolf howling in pain when you see his health points drop.

You gain your first memorable level that gives you 5 characteristic points, 1 spell point, and 5 more vitality permanently.

As the tutorial continues, he will reward you all the pieces of the novice set. When you wear a set you unlock more bonuses then just wearing 1 part of the set.

There are a few staircases on your left, your right, and your bottom left of the map.

The one to the right will teach you how to harvest a resource of every type for a profession.Talk to the npc and make your very first idol named minor dynamo on the workshop bench. When you finish this quest, you will receive experience points from making an item.

The one to the left will teach you how to beat a few monsters with the idol you made. Equip the idol by opening the idol tab then double click on it. You will know that you have it on when it shows that you gain more loot and experience points. Talk to the npc and prove your bravery by killing the monsters.

The bottom left will show you the mysteries and the destiny you're to fulfill. Talk to the npc and he will ask you to look at the objects in the room because he wants you to know what you will be up against. Pick on every object in the room where it require to finish the quest. Talk to him again and tell him you are prepared to leave the celestial temple behind. Now you have your freedom of an adventurer to explore the unknown.

5. activities in incarnam

To be continued later today.

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Wow! You started already!
Great guide, so far!
Looking forward to the rest!

PS: Like I said in another thread, the amounts of chars/ quotes/ images per post are harshly limited, so I hope you're writing in a word processor your ideas when you feel inspired, to just copy- paste them here later. cool
Then, the forum doesn't let you make two posts in a row (unless you post with more own accounts, which would be against the rules
tongue and earns a warning or a temporary or permanent ban to some people sometime, depending on moderator's mood wink ) .
I'll try to remember to come by from time to time, and add a small post, like "good job, go on" etc, so you can continue your guide with another post.
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I think for a guide like this, the moderators might let him "abuse" the rule of two or more consecutive posts. After all, this might be a very neat addition to the forum.

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Great job! Can't wait to see rest of it :p. Keep it going!

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nice atempt but i think if u go on with this rate of acuracy u have to write books. for example the tutoral explains itself ingame u dont have to write every single thing what happens like npc x says blabla... then this happens.... way too much and therefore alot of work. I suggest to change your style a little and dont bother to much with uneeded details.

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Pagonis|2017-05-26 15:13:53
I think for a guide like this, the moderators might let him "abuse" the rule of two or more consecutive posts. After all, this might be a very neat addition to the forum.
Yeah, it would be a great idea if mods/ ankama people would excuse him from using one account only on forums to post his guide without having to post a bit then have to wait for someone to reply before he is able to post another bit with a single account. This would help increase writing speed.
I don't think they can make it so that a single specific person can post more post in a row, but maybe I am wrong.

Sterntaler|2017-05-29 13:12:41
nice atempt but i think if u go on with this rate of acuracy u have to write books. for example the tutoral explains itself ingame u dont have to write every single thing what happens like npc x says blabla... then this happens.... way too much and therefore alot of work. I suggest to change your style a little and dont bother to much with uneeded details.
It is not a "nice attempt"... It is a great attempt! And not only an attempt, it already started to be happening, since we already have first part!
I wish there were a guide like this when I started dofus years back! This way I wouldn't have chosen my main classes and sets based on cuteness, I wouldn't have put characteristic points in str just to get extra pods, I wouldn't have made various accounts without having main one referring to dofus all the other accounts, I wouldn't have staid in the f2p area for tons of time cuz it was full of funny people, etc etc etc.
There is no guide currently available to explain the game in detail to someone who never plaid before dofus, and who hasn't plaid turn based games before, etc etc etc.
If someone has better ideas, they are always welcome to start threads on their own! The more brilliant guides we have, the better! But before sacrificing own free time to bother to write guides for unknown people with stuff you already know with eyes closed, none should minimize and try to make it look ridicule somebody else's project of a guide.
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Hi, I am looking forward to gaining from the huge amount of information here and hopefully help others along the way.I am relatively new to this community but have learned a lot in a short space of time.

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Whew! That is a long To-Do list! Goodluck and Godspeed!

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Unfortunately, for now, this guide won't be continued, it seems...
The author, one of nicest and kindest and most helpful people I have ever met on Dofus, has decided to quit sometime ago ... Tho I do hope he will come back sooner or later ... Some of us do come back ...

Here is his goodbye thread on imps:
If you knew him, I suggest you take a few minutes and have a look, maybe he even said goodbye to you in there ...

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Nice guide tho

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He still plays, he's on the mono server ilyz :d

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Is there any other solid guide out there?

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