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Help choosing a class

By Papilionem#7347 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - June 04, 2017, 18:13:30
Hello everyone,

I know that this kind of posts are done here a lot but I couldn't find a satisfying answer for my situation. I currently play a xelor but I'm finding it un-fun, I choose the class without knowing how the gameplay was gonna be at higher level (I just thought it looked interesting) and now want to change class. I don't want to know which is the op class right now or anything like that. What I want, is to know if there is a class that goes well with what I find fun.

What I consider fun is building systems for things to happen. For example planning a gathering route for a lumberjack, or making the schedule for dragoturkey breeding. I like to improve the efficiency of these systems and using my creativity to add little changes and improvements. So what id like in a class is the possibility of putting things in place and letting it play out. I don't really enjoy the tactical aspect that much but I know that its a big part of the game, what I'm looking for is a class that minimizes this aspect, or for the one that has less of it. Thanks in advance for your responses.

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For the "less tactical" classes, you're probably looking at either Iop or Cra.. Easy way to choose one would be whether you prefer to damage in close combat or at range. Iop's have the highest damage output when able to get close, whereas cra's have the highest damage output at range. Hope this helps.
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Even if you said no for tactical, isnt sram or rogue very much setting things first and then letting it play out? Try sram.
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Hello, i am very new to this game as well.. surfing around the forums, i cant really find anything i like or fits my style of play.. i would have made my own thread, but for some reason or another i cannot create a post?

but any ways, the things im looking for in a class is in order:

1: ability to take / absorb damage - i like to tank, but being a solo player with no friend at the moment could this be an issue?

2: healing - i like supportive roles, as most games i like playing the cleric / paladin

3: debuffs - i think it comes to say when i said i like tanks. debuffs is a plus

4: mobility- not completely necessary , but i like the option to have a tactical advantage . either getting close to finish a monster , or an escape plan.

5: reliability - i think im going to be playing long term, so id like to be able to get reliable groups for dungeons, or be welcome to a guild.

6: look good! - bottom of my list. though being a heavy plated , wielder of light smiting foes down is a great idea xD

i really want to thank everyone taking the time to help.. ill be checking often, please, any help would be great
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You're asking for too much, a tank with self healing, good mobility and debuffs? If this class existed, it would be ridiculous.

There is nothing like that, but there are a few classes that meet some of the requirements:

- Pandawa (Tank, a bit of debuff, good mobility but lacks healing)

- Feca (Tank,a lot of debuffs, but lacks healing and mobility)

- Huppermage (Tank capabilities, debuffs, life-stealing spells but the problem is mobility isn't that good, damage isn't that high to replace other damagers and debuffs aren't that great either. Jack of all trades, master of none class. RIP DUNGEONS)

- Sacrier (Tank, good mobility, life-stealing and healing spells, but has 0 debuffs)
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I dont think he's asking for much honestly, he listed what he likes in classes in different games and listed in order. The one I would compare it to is eni.. they have debbuffs ( - power, ap and MP) they can heal, and are durable ( they have that one HP shield) mobility they lack, but you also said its not necessary.

Next ideas would be panda better mobility, and damage, along with unique play style for defense.
And sacrier. They are a tank that self heals. Feel free to pm me on sacrier as I've had some great success with this class.
Feca would also be a great option , lots of debuffs, not much in terms of mobility, but have a way to attack/finish or retreat with teleport.

Cheers, welcome to dofus.
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He said he likes to tank, and listed tanking highest on the list.

Eniripsas are everything but tanks, they are a "second line" character and their mobility is one of the worst in the game.
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this is true, but in technicality there are no "tanks" in dofus. sure they are listed as such. but either way they are going to be hit hard, and all classes endgame can only tank a few hits endgame/pvp. eni has plenty of survival base attacks, such as the chance / or int route give life steal and heals. so i wouldnt say they are worst tanks. they have survival tactics in place, and cool downs that compensate to tank a few more hits than say a cra.

on top of this he states mobility is not necessary , meaning its not needed. plus eni is with out a doubt the "cleric" of dofus.
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yes seeing all these classes i feel eni is going to be best bet. sacrier looks more like a high risk / high reward character with a berserk mentality.. pandawa is a maybe as he has a bunch of cool spells, and can kinda tank with drinking.. and as for eni they are very "heal" dependent. i like the sound of eni and pandawa. but which would be the best to go first? can the eni even be alone in fights?
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I've recently started a cha/agi eni which is basically life leach and its quite easy to tank with especially in close quarters at low level with blaring word and with friendship word giving you +2ap whilst the bunny is still alive it means you can do 2 blaring words. at around lv48 i could solo gob dungeon smile 

although cause im trio classing im opting to change from cha/ agi eni to int/agi or int/cha eniripsa for team heals even though agi/cha has splash dmg team heals.
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They can become invisible. Then you can place traps everywhere. some traps push or pull you, so you can put your enemy in 10 traps.
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