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What happened to this game?

By Nokan June 15, 2017, 19:35:04

So, hello everyone! I have something I have to say since it bothers me a lot. Basically, what happened to this game?

I started playing Dofus .... like, 8 years ago? If not more. I loved the game. I had loads of fun even when I was playing f2p, meeting a lot of people on the begginer's maps, especially around Asturb, and everyone was happy to lend a hand. The game seemed perfect to me. But then I stopped playing for several years, due to school and other stuff. Then, 2 years ago, I came back to this game and I have been playing it rarely because of what I have seen once I came back. First few maps, like Asturb outskirts and Creakrocks territories devoid of anyone, people who are in the game seem to be 100+ lvl only, I have met only 1 person to whom I could talk, and despite me being subscribed for a long time, I haven't seen many people. The prices are..... okay, but some of the builds that I found online are ridiculous. Like, change your set every 10 levels? How am I supposed to do that?? Selling one set will provide you with money that can get you half of the next set tops. I was crafting many items, low level items since I wanted to level up my crafting stats, but still, after like 2 weeks of crafting I had the money for 1 item from the set I wanted to buy. And even despite me being subscribed, since I don't have any good items, I cannot go further into the game. Pigs are killing me and I am supposed to destroy them, I can hardly fight 3 of them. There is just no way for someone who starts from a scratch to level up quickly, or get his desired set. Or maybe I am supposed to craft all the time? But how am I supposed to get the higher lvl items to level up my crafting skills?

My question is - what happened? Are people buying kamas for real money here so they can afford all those sets? Or is everyone here lvl 200 and they just make another characters and blaze through the game? This isn't the same old Dofus it once was...

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First Ankama intervention

Thank you everyone for sharing your feedback here, however as you all know, it is recommend that we keep sharing opinions in a constructive manner, and we wish to work with you as a team to help passing those to the devs.

Therefore, if you do have a priority list of what feels urgent right now for you to see improved, please do not hesitate to share that with us.

Thank you everyone as it truly means a lot. smile

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Idols happened. With the new Idol system, people can lvl up even faster than before. So yeah, nobody lvl up by themselves, they all just leech exp from higher lvl players.
The game starts when you are lvl 190+, since you can't get leeched anymore without contributing with the fight, so that's when you need a new set.
Low lvl content has become obsolete because of that, which can be bad or can be good, depeding of your point of view.
Without the fast lvl up system, new players wouldn't ever be able to catch up the high lvl players who already play for several years. On other hand, that makes older areas dead content.
So yeah, if you want to start Dofus from zero, I can suggest you two things:
Get a Wis Set and leech others for exp and when you're high lvl, get some Ogrines and buy a set so you can start doing things on your own. Or, start the game with 4 chars instead of one. This way you are going to have enough power to beat low lvl content and drop way more resources (+ the ones you get from Achievments) which will be more than enough to build sets for your entire party. You'll be getting stronger and being able to get new gears and eventually, end up with a 4 man team to beat the endgame content as well.

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If the game starts from lvl 190+, why can't the game provide you with that level to begin with? Since I had a hard time even FINDING anyone who would take me somewhere so I can leech them - I only found 1 group after 2 weeks of searching.
And if I am supposed to play 4 chars, I guess not at the same time, then still, why?
I can't even afford to get a single idol at the point where I stopped playing (lvl 48 eca)
It sounds that if I need to rely on luck that I meet someone whom I can leech or play 4 chars instead on focusing on one that I want makes this game...well, broken and boring. Since I don't know how long it would take me to get to this 190 lvl, especially if I don't have any luck finding people to leech and my subscribtions will run out, which will cost me even more....

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Frigost is your best bet, people exp there, they will take leechers, otherwise get to 50 and do solo kolo

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This is actually something that stops me from comming back. Every time i try, i just end up playing alone, and i dont feel like doing it for 190 lvls, and also dont have anyone to leech me.

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Actually, leeching is stupid and boring. The best part of the game is before level 100, there's so much content you can't even do all of them at the indicated level. Not to mention you don't learn how to play and end up being a bad player, always messing up challenges and achievements.

Anyway, in case anyone wants to play with me and my friends, just send me a message : Шехеразада. I'm currently at level 95 and always doing some dungeons, achievements and quests smile 

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At this point they should just remove the level system entirely... it's pretty pointless.

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If you get leeched and jump all the low levels you could have some problem with your char, because you will not learn how to play your class properly.

I saw a lot of high level chars doing random things because they don't know what to do during their turn.
And yes, I blame the super fast leveling for this.

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tixvidaloca|2017-07-05 03:11:21
Actually, leeching is stupid and boring. The best part of the game is before level 100, there's so much content you can't even do all of them at the indicated level. Not to mention you don't learn how to play and end up being a bad player, always messing up challenges and achievements.

Anyway, in case anyone wants to play with me and my friends, just send me a message : Шехеразада. I'm currently at level 95 and always doing some dungeons, achievements and quests smile

Just passing by to say that you're one amazing person wink 
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How i got into the game 1 year ago:
1. 4 accounts with p2p /int cra/cha enu/str iop/int eni all being played at the same time.
2. Try to get some budget items with any stats,do low lvl achievs and get ur cra to lvl 90 fast.
3. Get ur cra some lvl 50-90 budget int items and lvl in water pandala,all drops there are 500k-1.5kk and are sold in a day,or 2 days(its not lvling but more like kamas farming)
4. After like 1000 fights in water pandala (when ur at the point where u puke when u see a bulbiflor) get some sets for your crew and try to get leached,1-2 chars at a time at frigost so you hit lvl 100's with all your chars and get some ultra budget gear giving you like 300-400 of your main stat at best and do all low lvl dungs with achievs.
5. Do some quests,sell achiev resourses,farm more water pandala,try to buy 508 idols so u can start farming water pandala more efficiently with more drops.
6. Ppl will say that 508 is hard but once u get the hang of it your lvl 100 chars will be actualy able to lvl up in frigost kanis with 508 without any help,so start lvlin and get around lvl 150's
7. Search for more ways to get kamas.Get a tengu snowfox set and some budget shit for cra,moowolf set for iop,mastogob sets for enu and eni(mastogob is int/cha set)/for trophies go what gives the most bang for the buck and the +1ap -1mp trophie in combination with the +1mp trophie
8. More Kamas farming and lvling in frigost with your 4 chars and 508 idols. Also do more dungeon runs achievements and also look what monster achievements give good value resourses and do the well paying monster achievements.
9. After a long kamas and lvl grind you will be lvl 200 with some medium gear,you now can start the game wink jk,find some friends to help you when you get stuck on this 9 step list.IMPORTANT a guild with 20 non lvl 200 chars is what you want / not some guild with 20 lvl 200's just being there-thats the same as if u are alone in the guild.
10. EXTRA TIPS-mp reduction from enu,pushing from cra and iop and the +2ap and healing from eni if used well can make easy work of the pre lvl 100 content,remember its not about dmg but about CONTROL.
Doing dooples will give you free scrolls.
Doing Almanax quests will give you sometimes 20-30kk profit per char even if you buy the items on market
Having a helping hand in form of friends or helpfull guild members will help you alot!

I hope this helped you a bit,have fun !

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I just want to say, this is no exception, any game this old has a really small low lvl community and a bigger ancient endgame community. 

There are however some players at low lvls, u could start a team, play with minutemen, try the mono-account server, get some friends to play with you (2-4chars can do anything). there is plenty of options if you want to walk trough the game from lvl 1-200. But it isn't easy just like with any other game this old smile

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Focus solely on Professions until they are level 40. Most items at that level sell especially ones made from Alchemist's and Lumberjack's. Questing is a very easy way to gain xp on your own without help from others although youll need to be subbed in order to finish a few. If you can find a way to sub while grinding in Astrub, youll be fine.

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just to be bold it died

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the economy on multi servers is broken beyond any help... I recomend you to play on mono-servers do yours quests get a astrub knight so you can start to solo stuff and since we are all mono there the resources that you drop and get from achievements have some value and you can farm them to profit without doing the same content 3434x and is easy to find ppl for main quests dungs(wabbit, moon etc...)

Also play a begginer friendly char sacrier/osa/eni/cra

you can do some treasure hunt + koli for additional income while you get lvls for quests or money for sets

to be honest the game is not that easy and don't mind the high players just take your time and find a guild to play with and learn the game.

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I'm a new player to the game and it seems to me like a get to max level asap instead of taking your time, learning your class, levelling professions to generate income and most of all to enjoy the game. But the flip side of fast levelling, is that some people enjoy being power levelled to reach end game content. Of course, they must then get out of the habit of being a "leecher" and actually start playing the game. The downside is that there's a lot to learn if you've been depending on others to help you throughout. 

The game is not newer player friendly though for a few reasons. One reason being veteran players, who have exploited all the systems that the game has to offer to benefit themselves. For example, a lvl 50 1v1 pvp kolo match. A new player at lvl 50 may not have the best gear and scrolled stats(which are expensive to a new player), whereas a veteran of the game, may exploit this and deck out their lvl 50 so their character is very powerful.
Another reason is idols and the market. Idols can be exploited where vets can gain tons of exp and masses of items, whereas the new player, who starts from scratch, will not get the same benefits as more adavanced players.

So there are major system flaws to this game. But to their credit, the ankama team are looking into ways of improving and making the game fairer, especially to newer players of the game.

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From level 56-57 it is 654,000 experience which is 22 fights worth of experience compared to leeching which could be the same in 1-2  fights. 11-20x faster. There needs to be a middle ground to keep the lower content interesting. Presently 20-30k Exp for running sand dungeon (Boss room) just doesn't compare.

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at first we have to be clean in one case: yes, dofus is game focused on end-game. 
Ofc its deeper case. But how about early game?
early game in Dofus is awesome. i spend like 1 year only on pvp in astrub biggrin
at first u have to undestey at early game is not to rush and forgot about it.. it is for taste Dofus world and get some knowledge about proffesion and classes.
So.. just forget about Leech (its good to lvl up your alts but its bad think for new players) and take your time on lvling proffesion (focus on "green" one ), on hunts even on zaap siting!

ok, now lets sey more about details.
some ppl sey: "make 4 acc, and play multi". If u like, sure do that but it isnt required to have funn in dofus biggrin. im mono-accounter on Echo and i finished ivory dofus few days ago.. so even alone u can have achievements and improve selfs. u just have to find guild, friends and smoetimes randoms biggrin
next think: no1 here sey about 2.46 update which will be unleash tomorrow and will bring a lot of earlygame content and also will make it ezyer.

some technical tips:
-get hunting weapon - it will let u drop meet from monsters. wich u cen sell (can be profitable) or just lvl up hunter and then sell/use
-focus on green profesion like alchemis/farmer - potions and food is good to get some kamas and it doesnt required a lot of kamas to invest.
-do quests and achievements.
-catch  souls.
hunt tips:
-pick mobs wich will drop meet to lvl up your hunter
-pick mobs with stars
-check res market to find low lvl mats wich u can sell form nice bunch of kama, then hunt on this mobs
-even some hight lvl mobs can be ezy to kill if u find a way (small mobs ofc)
-when you compare hunting spots count time not numbers of fight. its better to do a lot of short fights insted of few loger fights. why? more fight = more res to sell/use.
- equipment tips:
u dont have to change it so fast biggrin
i hit lvl 81 with boon set from incarnam quest + random items xD, at 81 i get royal blop + wis parts and it was enought to get lvl 150 biggrin (i hunted mostly on otomai) after this one my next set was at lvl 19x biggrin. it was in past, when idols and challs doesnt exist yet.
also up 2.46 will make ezyer to craft a lot of low lvl items.

i think its end, sorry for sooo long coment biggrin
gl and have funn in world of 12 smile

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The community is broken

I apologize for the wall of text.
People care too much about themselves and has forgotten the enjoyable aspect of playing together. There are of course guilds and people that still do, but the majority play by themselves in groups of 4-8 as they want an easier game. I am one of the oldest still remaining players in the international community. There are few of us, but we exist.

In 2005, the only player who had an alt was -Nakor (first tailor in the international community). He had an ecaflip and an eni. Few weeks later -Mmm (Infernal) created his enutrof -Ooo. About a month later, most of us had 2 characters or more. Suddenly Wonger and Ivytea shows up with a full team of characters and promoted the beneficial aspects of speedy progress. You could level fast, you could farm items fast and you could farm kamas fast. The fact that you could be unbeatable in PvP helped a lot as well. Ganging or making suitable characters for those times you couldn't win. Up until 2009 it was still possible to solo account and we had direct communication with Ankama (Echt/Kaoly). The community was smaller, helpful and still evolving. Everyone cared.

I don't know what went wrong or when but I certainly was a part of it being the leader of Blank (a guild where our members promoted speedy progress and wanted to be the first with everything). As the stronger became stronger and the weaker gave up, Dofus became what it is today. Ankamas efforts to numb those players always backfires.  Dofus is a one of a kind product and more charming then any other game I've played. I've realized however, that 2.0 (despite server) isn't welcoming and often chase away the weaker. Most guilds care more for stronger characters then they do for the people behind them.

This is why I left 2.0 and got stuck on Henual (second server choice) on Dofus 1.29. It's a stronger community with older and more experienced players that knows what went wrong with 2.0. These mistakes will not repeat themselves here. Cocky players are those who get chased away and you often see level 200's set their own teams aside to help newer players progress. The downsides are many (no updates and few moderators), but players like us live with them rather then experience what we've had on Dofus 2.0. It's a solid way of playing and everything works. Most of us even think the classes are more balanced here then they are on 2.0.

A game will never be perfect but Ankama offers a lot of options for the unsatisfied crowd. Finally, after years of frustration I am one of the satisfied players.

/youbutsu, 2005, Blank, Rushu
 Ling-Ling, 2017, Under the Edge, Henual 1.29
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Thank you everyone for sharing your feedback here, however as you all know, it is recommend that we keep sharing opinions in a constructive manner, and we wish to work with you as a team to help passing those to the devs.

Therefore, if you do have a priority list of what feels urgent right now for you to see improved, please do not hesitate to share that with us.

Thank you everyone as it truly means a lot. smile

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First of all this post is much too old to be relevant, but i was reading something that forced me to write. I totaly agree with Nokan the one who posted this Thread. This game is focused on Late Game Content and early game content sucks. You need a lot of experience to be efficient and make real progress without leeching and for new players its nearly impossible to catch up somehow, they need to watch a lot of Youtube Videos and read in the forum to understand some tacitcs for earning money with low budget or level pretty fast. For example its possible to earn a decent amount of money with 8 chars in free to play areas and farm meet or some other easy farmable mats, you dont maybe need 50kk and thats all you need as start capital to earn round about 150kk per hour without needing an abonnement. And if you dont have 50kk you can farm them pretty easy and ask some players to craft them for you, 99% player craft <100 for free. But how should they know thats efficient? Than Cras are pretty op in PvM and can do mobs they are much higher than themself, for example a group of 8 Level 40 Cras can level in 200er regions (for example in Sufokia) and get Millions of XP per fight.

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