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What happened to this game?

By Nokan June 15, 2017, 19:35:04
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The leeching started BEFORE idols, leeching was a giant problem and even when Ankama talked about idols they were supposed to be a possible solution to the leeching problem.

Wisdom is the major key in why the system is broken, at a low level you have two choices, buy a set that gives 0 Wisdom and kill more difficult content that doesn't reward with as good experience as if you buy a 150-200 wisdom set and kill easier content. You are not incentivized to do content appropriate to your level.

Before idols I leeched multiple characters (My new alts) to 200, one is even on this very account. It was hundreds times faster than doing it solo, and all idols did was compound an already existing problem.

Another attributing factor in what happened was the Dungeon nerf. Gobball dungeon used to be a very awesome way to level up, pre wisdom builds people used to spend ages running gobball dungeon. After some time people learned how to exploit the game and wisdom builds came along then you had 101 int cras leeching people with gobball dungeon souls.

The nerf led to 30,000 experience for gobball dungeons boss Even running all the floors may only net you 100,000 Experience if you're running at the proper cap. Which makes it the equivalent to one mob at kanigers? It's just not worth it especially if I'm around level 35 and have to wear a set that grants no wisdom such as the royal gob set. At a high level the best experience comes from High level mobs and dungeons, while dungeons kind of are the supreme method if not hunting stars. At low levels it is purely mobs, dungeons are not good experience unless you are achievement hunting. This was all done to prevent people from leveling quickly off of content that was "too easy" On mono I was taken to ghouls and skipped 4 levels at level 109 109-113 in one fight doing absolutely nothing. Is it unreasonable that lower dungeons are made to grant experience LESS yet decent enough to be worth doing?

At the end of the day all I can really say is please bring lower dungeons back into the limelight with increased experience again. It needs to be rewarding not just for drops, but for experience. My favorite moments in dofus were running gobball dungeon and various others. I miss that a great deal, and I think it could re-invigorate the lower level community. However, it is my opinion the issue will never be solved until wisdom is solved. Which is the root of the leeching problem.

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This has to become the official post :-)!

Those are some really thoughtful ideas man. This is something we're enjoying on 1.29 right now. Exactly every point you took up, haha. The thing is, Ankama provides that already and you don't even have to chose a community. We're apart of all (this forum, Imps Village, JoL and all over Discord (#PraiseGravestorm). Valid points and I agree 100% nevertheless. It would definitely be awesome even on 2.0 because I agree. It was and it is lovely (pre frigost and pre exp/loot nerfs). So many choices and easier getting to know your game and character. That is my own personal thoughts. On the other hand, achievements means a lot to a majority of the oldtimers. Those shows some of the most loyal and experienced players. A stability for the community. Doesn't those achievements say a lot about the experience they possess and how much they can/and do share with everyone? This is definitely a challenge worth for them to look into :-). Explode all progressed achievements at Omega 1? That way, people could keep their achievements. Just an idea, don't hate me. Would be a reason for many to come back if Ankama decided to ease a bit on the updates.


Just scroll to the last 2 paragraphs if you don't want to read more:

A majority of the newer players read this forum. Don't expect that all of them are interested enough to google "Dofus" or "Ankama" before testing it. This forum was the only one there was when I started. I had JoL but not google translate (I'm Swedish). This is where I found the most basic things about the game until and wiki came about.

I just read and responded to an idea from Ankama (#PraiseGravestorm). They want to hear our opinions and offer response. I have direct access to our current Community manager via Discord, if I have an issue I can send a ticket, I can contact a moderator in game on 1.29 (which are pretty damn helpful). We have an administrator responding in this topic.

Ok, so I'm game over. Why not.
Dofus 2.0 is in the middle of a war and a lot of changes are coming with that. This explains why many of the buffs/nerfs are happening and why we hear so many negative comments. The war needs to be over and "society" needs to recover to what it was. I'm a an oldtimer but now a days bystander on that version. I get on occasionally to chat with old friends but thats it.
When Wakfu came out, it got introduced as to why everything went the way it did. With that I mean the history behind Dofus. This is a pretty cool concept and unique thing for a game. Many of the most experienced players on Dofus such as Rambo and Dy-Seath went there as 2 examples.
Dofus 1.29 became Dofus 2.0 and a lot of players quit. These 2 versions are totally different from each others both in graphics, mechanisms and history. Finally they came to their senses and introduced 1.29 as an option for the remaining of us unhappy players. Many came back and some even went there way before others knew. It's a more peaceful and stabile game. Basic mechanics with no updates, worse but charming graphics, harder to progress and harder goals fulfill (i.e the quest Eternal Harvest with a really small community compared to 2.0). The music, heh - I don't even spotify when playing. It's nostalgic and so is the community.

The newer player should start by checking out Wakfu, give it a feeling. Community is the smallest one, but with really good players with experience from all other versions. If "nah", take a look on Dofus 1.29 ( seriously, read that description wub ). If "nah" - Dofus  2.x with more demanding techniques that require guides written by other players at the links I provided at the start of this post. Obviously a lot of youtube, twitter etc. as well. This is the biggest version and most challenging. There are a lot of updates going on and you never understand why, but I have a feeling it will end soon with the launch of Ankamas new project. Which means, Dofus 2.x might also become legendary (?? Assumptions if anyone is reading far?).

Dofus is unique because it leads to all these other stories Ankama provides (Wakfu, Dofus 1.29 etc.). I know people from every version of them and I've known many of them for between 8-13 years. People from all over the world with real names and fucking (pardon my swedish) awesome stories :-). I'm guildee with an American lawyer and I've been witnessing his life since even before he started studying. Another one from Morocco who was 12 when his guardian Devilix invited him to our guild in 2006. It's 2018 now. Colombia, Venezuela, Norway, France, Welsh, Germany, Canada, Holland, Finland, Poland, Belgium, Latvia etc. Many of them joined up on Henual some are left behind on 2.0 and wakfu. Most of them quit (that's just how life is). These products thrive on community and we're unfortunately a little small right now but it's always been going up and down. I can mention people by name, country and age within certain timespans who still play and where they play. Man, we even had a first time view to all that crazy shit in Venezuela. Political issues in the US, immigration to EU, comparing "the bad weather" (global warming), the Russian elite on Rushu. If you don't think this is anything for you - then screw it and give it a shot anyway. Dofus 2.x and Wakfu would be the best choices for you if you're up for a challenge as solo or with more characters.

1.29 well, it is what the explanation says :-).

Seriously, "this game" is pretty damn neat despite all those flaws in every version. You get rewarded in either, whatever you're after.

I know you love to read: Thanks for providing us with these friends Lichen. Many of us are older now and we've had our up and downs but you've done good man.


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i quit the game looong time ago and when i came back i am suprised for the good smile everything has improved a lot i have nothing to complain about biggrin  well.... almost...

i think lvling goes too fast lately it is waaaay too fast i mean i get a set at lvl 60 and 5-8 hours later i am 80 and i need to swap it again by the time i sell my old set i have no gear to play with so i either do th or lvl proffesions but then again who wants to do their proffesions all day long ? 

on the other hand resource market should be improved to allow us to see prices of all resources that are there for example if i sell tourmaline for 22kk and then someone does it for 21kk i will wait even longer for my stuff to get sold because i don't know how many people bid it before me for 21.1 21.2 21.3 etc ....and i have to check it every minute to make sure someone didn't lower the price which can be irritating at some point

and some characters need a nerf definitely i am playing sac and the damage can be unreal ecaflip 1st turn does 1.2k damage and almost kills one of my teammates not cool i tell you some characters need further balance smile 

I love the game it has the best atmosphere there is compared to other mmos running basically the same road ... whilst dofus keeps the numbers maging benchmarks almost every character does different damage it shows how hard you work to get your gear and how hard you work towards progression i think that is why this game should be in top 5 of all mmos :x

sorry for long post xx


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Good quote

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idols may not really help the old veterans eg. pre idols because some of us don't want to start over again(it took forever to reach 200), the achievements ruined the market, im thinking ankama would reduce the achievements even more to raise the equipment price and get more cash-> ogrines.

edit: maybe 1-2 of those material drops from bosses from achievements to make it harder to craft endgame sets(since when do you see more endgame items for sale than lower leveled items). right now it seems the game rewards those who use the beta server to get an extra edge from competitors when the game goes live(i was guilty of this too haha once), maybe fixing the games rewards/market or adding something like more GMs(give echo one theres only 2 international servers and one has more fr speakers from what ive seen in chat) hopefully something that doesn't break the economy or improves the runes and crushing, im holding on to a pile of items that has dropped by around 50% in value and some more in around 2-3 updates

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Honestly multi-boxing happened. If you dont care for the MMO part of MMORPGs then go to a normal server and multibox cause that'll all they do there. Wanna have fun and play with other people and actually participate in the MMO aspect then join a monoserver and you'll see what a different world it is. I just started back up again yesterday after being gone from Dofus for almost 4 years, mostly in part of the multiboxing culture that plagued the game, and I gotta say monoserver is where its at if you enjoy social gaming. having trouble with a dungeon boss there is probably someone else or 3 other someones who are as well make a group, beat the boss and reap the rewards. I cant tell you how many times I have made a group with complete strangers and thrashed a dungeon just from the 2 days I have played. In short, if you wanna play an MMORPG called Dofus play monoserver. If you wanna play Multiboxing runescape play a normal server >.>

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I've started to play dofus again after 4-5 years and i rlly think that the early game is completly broken.
Years ago it was kind broken with leeching, but those idols are completly non sense.
Temporis server is kind a solution, but they made 2 servers and now both are kind empty.

I would say a good solution would be focusing on the experience as a whole in the temporis server. Just rework that idols system or dont let it ruin the Temporis after 1 month. The early game is very fun and nice, but those things just ruin it. We already have Wisdow system to rush.

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I totally agree, Idols should be removed, full stop. Nowadays there's no point in indtroducing new sub 200 content, nobody would play that, only 200+ content is engaging and is actually played. The problem is that new players will find an empty game and a non existant ecnonomy, they get bored and they quit. No new players means that the game will die in the long term

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i really agree with you, new players cant do anything because everyone is lvl 200 and has 8 accounts, i wish dofus got back to 1 account for each PC. then people will work together again. maybe dofus has problems with finding new players? when i was 13 years old. dofus had adverticements on TV

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The thing i enjoy the most in this game is the first 40 - 50 lvls, you get a new class and are getting new abilities every 30min, change a lot of areas, fight different bosses, it is amazing, then lvl 50 comes and you are forced to grind xp, that is when i create a different player or just quit the game for a few months, then i come back and repeat.

I just find Dofus too beautiful not to play it but it becomes repetitive at a moment.

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