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New here, potentially looking for squad.

By RSG-Queen#2854 - SUBSCRIBER - June 26, 2017, 21:07:12

Hi, guys! I've joined Dofus maybe 2 weeks ago and I have a level 71 Eniripsa (I'm subscribed), but I'm starting to get bored of all the solo levelling with all the repetitive quests and the general lack of direction that I'm suffering from. Therefore, I am looking for people to level up with and do dungeons with (cause questing really bores me), as well as potentially join 3v3 with me. Didn't think I'd be a PvP person, but I'm loving Kolo so far.

A little bit about me, though: I live in England (originally Romanian), all of my characters are female, I have loads of free time on my hands, and I am not really a Discord user or a Skype user or... anything like that -- but I can be! I'd love to play with anyone, especially people with a little bit more experience than me.

Another question I have is, is there any YouTuber that makes Dofus-related videos actively and is an English speaker? I can speak a bit of French, but mon Dieu, I can't watch a whole video by a native French speaker. Please tell me there's English YouTubers, bloggers, something -- someone that explains the gameplay and everything, especially Eniripsa-centric. That'd be fab. If not, I'm desperately looking for a high levelled Eni player who'd fill the guide shoes for me.

Thanks for reading this. I'll check the feedback on this a bit later, but if you're particularly eager to speak to me, you can add me on Discord: RSG#3965

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you can talk to me in game, I can help you out IGN: Ichor-kr

For youtube:
1- Humility is the best French Youtuber so far if you know a bit of French.
2-Veldin Dofus is a best English player for making awesome endgame dungeon videos.
3- PatisauR is also a good English player for making awesome PVP videos.
4-Dofus Reflex is another channel for making general guide and video.
5- Xal is another YouTuber that making continuous videos on his journey about playing Dofus.

that is pretty much the most active channel that I know about you can check random English guide on youtube that may help you out.

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Just saying Veldin is also almost completely french

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