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Returning to Dofus; Looking for friends

By MysticChronicle#7165 October 11, 2017, 03:42:06

Hey everyone ...  Name's Jay

Well its been 6 years ... amazing how time flies especially when you are in the midst of many things in your life and you can't sit down to enjoy the world of the twelve in peace...  However that has changed and I am back and ready to relearn my favorite class (Ecaflip) and enjoy the world with this wonderful community.  I currently play on Echo even though I was thinking of playing on the other servers at some point and would love to make new friends and learn what has changed..  I didn't get very far in Dofus 6 years ago but I do know that there is a wider population now and that we are going to be getting a monoaccount server soon...  If you see Chronicles-of-Fate around don't hesitate to say hi or shoot him a friend invite....  Looking forward to spending the next years to come with you all and hope there are some nice guilds looking for members.   

Since the new monoaccount server will be here in a week; I thought I would ask is it worth it to level in Echo and build my roots there or is it better just to try which classes I like and just play on that?  I hear that there are multi boxing and some minor imbalances....  however I am sure I am just worried over nothing lol...  I was also curious about the "Tournament" page I keep seeing twitches about would love to eventually get involved in a Dofus tournament down the line... 

Anyways; great to meet the new community (and some of the older)  =) 

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Welcome back Jay!

I'm not sure about the mono-account server myself, I mean, I've pretty much set on Echo eventho I'm a solo player. I don't think I could start all over AGAIN. 

Anyway, if you ever want to do some stuff, add me on Echo: 

IGN: Kingsman

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