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0 (Zero) kama, no drop [Solved]

By DavionDragonKnight - SUBSCRIBER - October 25, 2017, 09:53:02

I just understood something new if you just level up too much with selling all your drops to cheap, you fall into a trap which is mobs starting to give 0 (zero) kamas and giving no drops and your grind come at choke point.
I din't find any mention to this issue in the english forum.
For players who starting new and also for who fell into poverty, I believe if we collect all of our experience, we can explain this part of drop system (when mobs doesn't give kama and drop?).
Level 41 enutrof, 120 prospecting, Level 11 hunter (hunting knife), %5 Authenticator bonus
minor dynamo, no mp steal challenge 
6 x sick tofu, sick arachnee and arachnausea, Total level 100; Zero kamas, Nothing dropped

Update: With the last patch, this problem is solved, i don't know how to delete this post. Pls delet.

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This kinda sounds like a bot prevention thinking you're a bot. Don't quote me on that though.

Maybe try easing up on the selling all drops for too cheap for a couple days.

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